Dreamforce 2019: Salesforce Annual Conference

The Salesforce annual conference attracted over 171,000 registered attendees and 13.5 million online viewers, and had over 2700 sessions and workshops.  Cloud Adoption Solutions was represented by company president Shannon J. Gregg as she co-presented a session with Mike Gerholdt, Senior Director, Admin Evangelism at Salesforce.

The session “Deliver Your Company’s Vision with Salesforce” combines practical experience with academic research to show how to truly deliver the power of Salesforce to your organization.  It answers the question: how do you create a Salesforce vision and get your stakeholders on board?  We show you how to build the vision, shape the environment, and deliver the results as an #AwesomeAdmin.

Access the session recording by clicking on the photo:

Dreamforce 2019

We also have three photo-filled, detailed blog posts telling you all of the things about Dreamforce you actually want to know (What sort of food do they serve at Dreamfest? How did you get to see Eddie Vedder? How is the Partner Lodge different than the customer experience? and more).  Visit our recaps of Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 to get the real information in real-time!

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