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Salesforce User Adoption: The “O” in ADOPT

One thing that's true with sales and marketing technology training: once is never enough. Often, our approach to training for our field resources is to bring them in for a few very intense weeks of training, on products, policies and procedures, human resources...

Salesforce User Adoption: The “D” in ADOPT

Once you've purchased sales and marketing technology, you expect to see the results that automation and customization promised you during the tech demo.  You may have even done a great job as leaders of marketing, sales, or technology teams in articulating the WIIFM...

Salesforce User Adoption: The “A” in ADOPT

Executives, administrators, marketing and sales ops/enablement professionals are spending a lot of their hard-fought budget on sales and marketing technology.  The hard work isn't done, however, once you've designed and implemented the system; it isn't even done after...

Winter 19 Release Notes and Dreamforce Updates

Wow, Salesforce gets so busy at the end of the year, that it's no wonder to us that they run their own fiscal year from February-January.  No way could they do their Winter Release and Dreamforce in a traditional Q4.  Phew! That said, it's like a full-time job poring...

SOPs Can Help to Drive User Adoption

Good, better, best: never let it rest: a process or SOP (formal Standard Operating Procedure) will never be static, since Salesforce has three releases every year, so make sure to keep your process documentation up to date and always reflecting any changes in your...

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