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  • Shannon Gregg
    Wow, Salesforce gets so busy at the end of the year, that it’s no wonder to us that they run their own fiscal year from February-January.  No way could they do their Winter Release and Dreamforce in a traditional Q4.  Phew! That said, it’s like a full-time job poring over the amazing new things happening on the platform, so we took a stab at distilling it for our clients. Winter 19 Release Notes: Change your
  • Shannon Gregg
    While the ADOPT model gives you a system to approach user acceptance and adoption, remember that even grownups like to enjoy their work!  So, how can you make your Salesforce launch (whether it’s a new implementation or a new product) or relaunch (when you’re ready to nudge the team to use Salesforce better, now) one that is exciting and fun, even if you’re on a budget? Here are a few ideas to help to get
  • Shannon Gregg
    Good, better, best: never let it rest: a process or SOP (formal Standard Operating Procedure) will never be static, since Salesforce has three releases every year, so make sure to keep your process documentation up to date and always reflecting any changes in your org. Here are some SOP upkeep tips: When establishing a written process, include a block to tell you how often it should be revisited Be aware of new releases, and modify
  • Shannon Gregg
    So, you’ve gone and done it. You saw an awesome demo for an amazing new sales technology application, and you’re really certain that this is THE ONE. It’s going to give you all that you need for your sales team to maximize bookings potential and give your management certainty that you’re going to meet – no, exceed – your number. This (choose one) CRM, Marketing Automation, Analytics and Reporting, Predictive Intelligence, Buyer Engagement, CPQ, Demo,

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