Sales Ops as a Service

Sales ops as a service improves a slew of processes within your sales team through training and best practices, as well as better technology purchase combined with the sales ops team’s expertise. It aligns your sales team, leading to a more effective customer-focused operation, instead of a fragmented sales model.

Sell better, faster, and more efficiently.

Minimize operational risk
Save time and automate tasks
Achieve scalability

Sales Ops as a Service

Some organizations view sales operations as a cost driver instead of a potential revenue driver. In reality, sales ops make everyone, especially the sales team, do their jobs better. This is why, it’s an indispensable part of business, particularly for organizations primed for growth.

Execute Your Sales Process More Effectively

As a team that focuses on user experience, we help improve your processes, including your sales strategy, workflows, and even admin tasks through sales ops as a service!



Cloud Adoption has been great to work within our Salesforce infancy. They have become our true north in all things Salesforce. We consult Jarret & and Malik anytime we have new use cases or projects we want to launch. Their communication & and response time are excellent.


Cloud Adoption Solutions has helped 4moms tremendously as it relates to us customizing and optimizing our Salesforce solution. 4moms realizes it isn’t tapping much of the potential of Salesforce and Cloud Adoption Solutions is helping us to understand what features/functions will be useful to our business.


The CloudAdoption team is unique in that they prioritize continual advancement of how life sciences teams can get the most value out of the Salesforce platform. Their knowledge is extensive and leadership is extremely reliable and supportive.


The Cloud Adoption Team bailed me out of a real mess. I would have saved 10’s of thousands of dollars and countless hours if I would have found them earlier.

Sales Ops as a Service FAQs

What is Sales Ops as a Service, and why is it essential for organizations?

Sales Ops as a Service is a comprehensive solution aimed at improving sales operations within organizations. Despite some viewing sales operations as a cost or expense, it plays a crucial role in enhancing overall business performance. By focusing on user experience, our service improves sales processes, strategies, workflows, and administrative tasks. This alignment leads to more effective and customer-focused operations, ultimately helping organizations achieve their growth goals.

What Admin On-Call packages are available and what services do they include?

We offer several Admin On-Call packages tailored to meet varying needs. These packages include services such as user login support, field creation, report configuration, dashboard creation, user training, and more. Whether you opt for a custom or consumption-based package, you can expect transparent practices, weekly governance, and dedicated Salesforce administrator duties as part of the service.

What are the benefits of relying on Sales Ops as a Service?

Sales Ops as a Service offers numerous benefits for organizations aiming to improve their sales operations. By outsourcing and automating repetitive tasks, organizations can free up time and energy, leading to improved overall sales operations. Additionally, a qualified sales ops team enables more efficient scalability, enhances funnel visibility across departments, and minimizes operational risks by proactively identifying potential issues.

How does Sales Ops as a Service help organizations achieve their goals?

Sales Ops as a Service from Cloud Adoption Solutions enables organizations to execute their sales processes more effectively by establishing systems, strategies, and methods brought by the sales ops team. This service allows sales leads to focus on sales goals while the sales ops team handles tasks such as data mining and strategic planning. Ultimately, this alignment leads to improved service delivery to customers and brings organizations closer to achieving their growth objectives.