Business Process Automation

Augment your Salesforce instance with document automation, eSignature, auto-dialer, or other helpful integrated apps. As partners of and experts on industry-leading apps, we can help your users do what they do best, quickly. We develop the workflow strategy and implement the automation to keep business running with scalability, reducing human error, driving more time to delight your clients.

Why Business Process Automation?

Reduce opertional costs
Save time and reduce errors
Increase productivity and revenue

Salesforce Process Automation

Your business generates vast amounts of data every year—yet, these data chunks remain dynamic, requiring constant processing and management for your team to grasp in the marketplace. In a landscape where sound decision-making hinges on accurate data and streamlined workflows, business process automation emerges as the definitive solution, seamlessly tackling both of these critical challenges.

Automate Your Tech Stack

Let your team focus on more important, revenue-generating tasks, increase your overall productivity, and drive the business toward your goals with our automation solutions.



Cloud Adoption has been great to work within our Salesforce infancy. They have become our true north in all things Salesforce. We consult Jarret & and Malik anytime we have new use cases or projects we want to launch. Their communication & and response time are excellent.


Cloud Adoption Solutions has helped 4moms tremendously as it relates to us customizing and optimizing our Salesforce solution. 4moms realizes it isn’t tapping much of the potential of Salesforce and Cloud Adoption Solutions is helping us to understand what features/functions will be useful to our business.


The CloudAdoption team is unique in that they prioritize continual advancement of how life sciences teams can get the most value out of the Salesforce platform. Their knowledge is extensive and leadership is extremely reliable and supportive.


The Cloud Adoption Team bailed me out of a real mess. I would have saved 10’s of thousands of dollars and countless hours if I would have found them earlier.

Business Automation FAQs

What is Business Process Automation and how can it benefit my organization?

Business Process Automation allows businesses to streamline and optimize their operations by automating repetitive tasks and processes. By implementing automation, organizations can save time, reduce costs, shorten turnaround times, and increase overall productivity. With less time spent on administrative tasks, employees can focus on more important revenue-generating activities, ultimately improving efficiency and enhancing the user experience for clients.

What Admin On-Call packages are available and what services do they include?

Cloud Adoption Solutions offers several Admin On-Call packages tailored to meet varying needs. These packages include services such as user login support, field creation, report configuration, dashboard creation, user training, and more. Whether you choose a custom or consumption-based package, you can expect transparent practices, weekly governance, and dedicated Salesforce administrator duties as part of your service.

What are the benefits of choosing Cloud Adoption Solutions for Business Process Automation?

Cloud Adoption Solutions, a 100% woman-owned Salesforce partner, specializes in providing business process automation services for organizations burdened by repetitive tasks. Our focus on user adoption ensures that our automation solutions are intuitive and easy to use, allowing your team to focus on more important tasks while Salesforce handles the automated processes. Through seamless integration and easy-to-use builders, we make it simple for you to create efficient and streamlined processes tailored to your organization’s needs.

What other Salesforce services does Cloud Adoption Solutions offer?

In addition to Business Process Automation, Cloud Adoption Solutions offers a full suite of Salesforce services to optimize your organization’s Salesforce CRM. These include Professional Services for planning, consulting, and support, Salesforce Projects, Managed Services for ongoing platform management, and Sales Ops as a Service for supporting sales team initiatives and developing sales processes. Contact us today to learn more.

Are there any discounts available for longer contract terms?

Yes, longer contract terms come with multi-year discounts on monthly fees. This incentivizes our clients to commit to extended partnerships, providing them with cost savings while ensuring continued support and expertise in Salesforce administration.