Salesforce Training and Change Management

When it comes to team success and driving go-to-market management, Salesforce adoption rates soar when supported by a robust training program, and even more so when that training is developed considering the intersection of theory and practice.

Our training framework

Adult Learner Theory
Change Managment Theory
Diffusion of Innovations Theory

Salesforce Training

Let’s reignite your team’s abilities and ensure your technology investments don’t go to waste. Our custom Salesforce training, whether virtual, live, or hybrid, will energize your team and drive book-of-business management to new heights.



Cloud Adoption has been great to work within our Salesforce infancy. They have become our true north in all things Salesforce. We consult Jarret & and Malik anytime we have new use cases or projects we want to launch. Their communication & and response time are excellent.


Cloud Adoption Solutions has helped 4moms tremendously as it relates to us customizing and optimizing our Salesforce solution. 4moms realizes it isn’t tapping much of the potential of Salesforce and Cloud Adoption Solutions is helping us to understand what features/functions will be useful to our business.


The CloudAdoption team is unique in that they prioritize continual advancement of how life sciences teams can get the most value out of the Salesforce platform. Their knowledge is extensive and leadership is extremely reliable and supportive.


The Cloud Adoption Team bailed me out of a real mess. I would have saved 10’s of thousands of dollars and countless hours if I would have found them earlier.

Salesforce Training FAQs

Why is Salesforce training crucial for team success and driving revenue?

Salesforce adoption rates skyrocket when supported by a robust training program. Our custom Salesforce training, developed with the intersection of theory and practice in mind, ensures that your team maximizes the full potential of your CRM investments. By reigniting your team’s abilities and driving effective go-to-market management, our training programs can significantly impact revenue growth.

What is the training framework you use for Salesforce and Change Management training?

We employ a framework designed to ensure that training truly sticks and delivers tangible results. This framework is built upon 3 principles. Adult Learner Theory, which emphasizes engagement and active participation. Change Management Theory principles, focusing on unfreezing, changing, and refreezing to drive effective implementation. Lastly, Diffusion of Innovations Theory methods to facilitate the spread of ideas, technology, and processes across groups at varying rates, ultimately fostering successful user adoption.

How does Cloud Adoption Solutions ensure effective Salesforce training outcomes for clients?

Our approach to Salesforce training is rooted in ensuring that every investment yields tangible results. By incorporating the principles of our framework, we ensure that training is engaging, impactful, and tailored to drive effective user adoption. This all can be acheived virtually, live, or through hybrid methods. For custom Salesforce training that energizes teams and equips them with the skills needed to drive book-of-business management to new heights contact us today.