Sales Ops as a Service

Some organizations view sales operations as a cost driver instead of a potential revenue driver. In reality, sales ops make everyone, especially the sales team, do their jobs better. This is why, it’s an indispensable part of business, particularly for organizations primed for growth.

This is why Cloud Adoption Solutions offers sales ops as a service. As a team that focuses on user experience, we help improve your processes, including your sales strategy, workflows, and even admin tasks through sales ops as a service!


Sales ops as a service improves a slew of processes within your sales team through training and best practices, as well as better technology purchase combined with the sales ops team’s expertise. It aligns your sales team, leading to a more effective customer-focused operation, instead of a fragmented sales model.


With established systems, strategies, and methods brought on by the sales ops team, your sales department can execute the entire sales process more effectively. This can get you closer to your goals and help you offer better service to your customers.


Cloud Adoption Solutions also offers the monthly support packages listed below, with the option to combine other services into one package. Our scoping process is interactive, iterative, and transparent so you can stay updated of the performance of your projects.


Experience the benefits of relying on sales ops as a service with the help of Cloud Adoption Solutions today!

Benefits of Sales Ops as a Service


Cloud Adoption Solutions’ sales ops as a service, which supports your sales team and enables you to sell better, faster, and more efficiently, offer your organization the following benefits:


  • Free up time and energy. A stronger sales op team means a stronger and more productive organization.If your organization spends countless hours doing repetitive tasks, like manually encoding customer data, they can’t focus on more important tasks. Sales op as a service allows you to outsource and automate these tasks, resulting in better sales operations overall.
  • Achieve scalability. Scaling up becomes more efficient with a qualified sales op team. Sales leads can focus on executing sales goals while the sales ops team can focus on mining data, getting insights, and using them to design strategic sales plans.
  • Create funnel visibility across departments. Apart from helping the sales team sell more, sales op simplifies the sales funnel for other departments within the organization. As a result, the sales team can determine if the pipeline is healthy and if forecasts are accurate.
  • Minimize operational risks. Sales ops experts are trained to notice risks that sales leads may look over in favor of closing deals. As such, a sales ops team can proactively sound the alarm in case of incoming risks and develop solutions, while still meeting sales goals.
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Why Choose Cloud Adoption Solutions


Cloud Adoption Solutions is a woman-owned Salesforce partner, delivering sales ops as a service for organizations that wants to outsource sales tasks to an expert team.
With a focus on user adoption, sales ops as a service gives you the solutions you need to enhance your organization’s sales output while you focus on more important matters.

A Full Suite of Salesforce Services


Apart from sales ops as a service, Cloud Adoption Solutions helps you optimize your organization’s Salesforce CRM with a full suite of related services.

Professional Services

Optimize your organization’s potential through your Salesforce CRM with our Salesforce Professional Services, which includes planning, consulting, support, and more.

Managed Services

Place the obligation of maintaining your Salesforce CRM into professional hands with our Salesforce Managed Services. These allow you to focus on your company’s operations while we manage your platform.

Partner Services

Your tech stack doesn’t need to operate separately from your Salesforce CRM. Cloud Adoption Solutions’ Salesforce partner services help you develop a tech stack strategy that integrates your applications with Salesforce for better user experience.

Business Process Automation

Redundant tasks takes up a significant amount of operational time, which you could have used for better purposes. Our team offers business process automation services, helping you create an automated tech stack.

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