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[Pittsburgh, PA, June 2023] — Life Sciences Dreamin’, the premier conference for go-to-market innovations in life sciences, is delighted to announce its lineup of keynote speakers. The conference will take place August 24-25 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It will bring together leaders from across the industry to explore the latest breakthroughs in Sales and MarTech, and discuss the future of life sciences.

Life Sciences Dreamin’ is proud to present the following distinguished keynote speakers:
  • Fatima Paruk, MD, MPH, SVP & Chief Health Officer at Salesforce | Dr. Paruk brings a unique background as a practicing physician, public health expert, and award-winning industry leader who has leveraged AI & ML to disrupt population health outcomes.  With a background in medicine and a Master’s in Public Health, Dr. Paruk has played a pivotal role in shaping industry strategies to improve patient outcomes to drive positive change. Her deep understanding of the Life Sciences industry, coupled with her passion for innovation, has made her a respected thought leader. 
  • J. Cris Salinas, MD, Global Head, MedTech Advisory & Innovation at Salesforce | Dr. Salinas is the Global Head of MedTech Advisory and Innovation at Salesforce. He’s a visionary at the intersection of medicine and technology. He brings unparalleled expertise in leveraging technology solutions to revolutionize life sciences organizations. With his diverse background in medicine and a profound understanding of emerging technologies, Dr. Salinas has been instrumental in driving transformation within the Life Sciences field. His insights have empowered organizations to enhance care, optimize operations, and achieve sustainable growth.

Dr. Paruk and Dr. Salinas will offer invaluable insights into the future of technology and the Life Sciences industry. Attendees will gain invaluable perspectives on leveraging Salesforce and MarTech to drive innovation, improve outcomes, and elevate organizational performance.

Life Sciences Dreamin’ will take place in Fort Lauderdale, FL, on August 24-25, 2023. 

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About the Event

Life Sciences Dreamin’ fills an unmet need for Life Sciences professionals: a space to innovate and learn best practices for and related MarTech and SalesTech applications tailored to the Life Sciences industry. Leaders and individual contributors alike come together across Sales, Marketing, Sales Operations, Marketing Operations, Revenue Operations, Product Management, and other go-to-market departments at this 2-day event.