*Nov 17, 2022: Optimize Pardot (MCAE) for Life Sciences


Life Sciences professionals have very distinct needs from a Marketing Automation system.  Understanding GDPR, UTM, attribution, lead scoring, conversion, and more can be perplexing to think about strategically and then apply tactically.  Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE), fka Pardot, is the native, scalable Salesforce B2B marketing automation system.  

MCAE/Pardot has unique advantages for the Life Sciences marketing or sales professional, and finding the best tool to use as one version of the truth is critical.  Enabling rapid and accurate messaging with valuable reporting and feedback that is globally visible and actionable is at the forefront of the conversation within health and life sciences marketing automation approaches.

Join Kevin Hospodar from Steady State Media to understand the approach and the application for life sciences organizations who currently are leveraging or plan to implement and use MCAE/Pardot in their marketing campaigns.  Whether your messaging is to pharma, CROs, CSOs, labs, or even to recruit, engage, and retain patients, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about ways your peers are currently using MCAE/Pardot.  This interactive webinar covers a variety of topics covering common use cases and questions from the field, such as:
OVERVIEW:  What is the MCAE/Pardot marketing platform?  How does it integrate with Salesforce?  How can you optimize your dynamic, integrated system for marketers and sellers?
THEORY: Definition and best practices for common MCAE/Pardot benefits
◦ segmentation of prospects and contacts to identify receptive, high impact targets
◦ message prospects and contacts, and 
◦ score in a closed loop 
APPLICATION: Live examples of how best to apply theory to practice in segmentation, messaging, and scoring
Attendees will learn how to think outside of your current established process to develop a less manual process that eliminates human error and optimizes the use of Salesforce and MCAE/Pardot.  Marketing activities will happen more quickly, and sellers will have faster, deeper insights into prioritized sales activities.  Who you talk to, what messaging you share, and the impact on conversion quality and time will be improved with a rigorous and robust approach to Salesforce and MCAE/Pardot for Life Sciences organizations.  Join us to learn how to level up your actions and activities with a dynamic, healthy CRM and MA theory and application.

Register now using the register button below, and join us live on 11/17 at noon Eastern or receive the recording after the event:

Kevin Hospodar

Owner/Marketing Strategist

Steady State Media

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