Business Process Automation

Businesses create large amounts of data every year—from customer information to business process insights. But these chunks of data are not static. They need to be processed and managed in order for your team to understand your market and your clients.

You can effectively do this through business process automation services from Cloud Adoption Solutions. We are a team that focuses on user experience, which is why we offer automation. With so many aspects of business relying on factual data and efficient processes, automation is the solution that addresses both.


With an automated tech stack, your team can focus on more important, revenue-generating tasks, increasing your overall productivity and driving the business toward your goals. Meanwhile, your redundant admin practices are taken care of by technology.

All of these result in better performance, leading to providing a better user experience for your clients.

Cloud Adoption Solutions offers monthly support packages listed below, with the option to tie other services into one package. Our scoping process is interactive, iterative, and transparent so you can stay up to date of the performance of your projects.

The Benefits of Business Process Automation


Cloud Adoption Solutions’ sales ops as a service, which supports your sales team and enables you to sell better, faster, and more efficiently, offers your organization the following benefits:


  • Save employees’ time. One of the main benefits of automation, especially in business, is saving time. Research suggests office workers spend more than 2 hours every day doing administrative tasks. Automation takes care of these tasks faster and error-free, giving employees more time to do more important tasks.
  • Reduce costs. Inefficient processes cost businesses from 20% to 30% of revenue every year. The switch to business process automation makes your everyday operations more efficient, with minimal errors, which means less resources are wasted on fixing issues.
  • Shorten turnaround time. Administrative tasks like auditing and submitting expense receipts can be a source of bottleneck in your operations, especially since they need to be reviewed. But automation streamlines these processes, improving turnaround times.
  • Increase productivity. Automation means using digital solutions. These digital solutions can process multiple tasks simultaneously, leading to higher productivity. This makes it easier for employees to focus on more important revenue-generating tasks.
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Why Choose Cloud Adoption Solutions


Cloud Adoption Solutions is a 100% woman-owned Salesforce partner, providing business process automation services for organizations that suffer from too many repetitive tasks.


With a focus on user adoption, our team’s business process automation solutions make it easy for your team to focus on more important tasks while Salesforce automates your business process. Through this, Cloud Adoption Solutions makes it easy for you to create seamless processes with easy-to-use builders.

A Full Suite of Salesforce Services


Apart from business process automation, Cloud Adoption Solutions helps you optimize your organization’s Salesforce CRM with a full suite of related services.

Professional Services

Optimize your organization’s potential through your Salesforce CRM with our Salesforce Professional Services, which includes planning, consulting, support, and more.

Managed Services

Place the obligation of maintaining your Salesforce CRM into professional hands with our Salesforce Managed Services. These allow you to focus on your company’s operations while we manage your platform.

Partner Services

Your tech stack doesn’t need to operate separately from your Salesforce CRM. Cloud Adoption Solutions’ Salesforce partner services help you develop a tech stack strategy that integrates your applications with Salesforce for better user experience.

Sales Ops as a Service

Support your sales team’s initiatives with Sales Ops as a Service. Our team helps yours create transparency within the organization through reporting, as well as develop your sales processes and related infrastructure.

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All Admin On-Call services include Administrator duties, weekly governance, and transparent practices.  Admin On-Call services do not include Development services, which will be billed separately.  Longer contract terms include multi-year discounts on monthly fees.

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Cloud Adoption Solutions is a 100% woman-owned, fully registered and certified partner.

Our HQ is in Pittsburgh, PA, and we are also located in Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; Asheville, NC.

We work with small and medium businesses in healthcare/life sciences, professional services, and technology sectors.

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