Salesforce CRM Integration and Implementation Packages

    Make customer relationship management (CRM) implementation easier for your organization with Cloud Adoption Solutions. We will guide and support you through our Salesforce CRM implementation and consulting services.

    You can rely on our experienced team to develop a sustainable plan with your best interests in mind. Our process involves:

      • Developing a plan for Salesforce scalability
      • Ensuring configuration
      • Building declarative or custom code

      Our team will design, build, and test your personalized solution with your involvement to ensure your needs are met when we deliver our scalable Salesforce adoption plan.

      What We Offer

          Cloud Adoption Solutions provides the following services in projects:

          • Salesforce Professional Services – This covers planning, consulting, support, and other services to optimize your organization’s potential through CRM.
          • Salesforce CRM Integration – We’ll help you integrate the CRM solution through training, guidance while it’s being implemented, and more.

          Depending on your budget, you can choose from one of our monthly packages below or let us assess your project and provide a fixed-price basis agreement. If you go with a fixed-price basis, you ensure risk reduction and commitment.

              Benefits of Salesforce CRM Implementation and Professional Services

              Make Your Operations More Efficient

              Our team has worked on various automated sales and customer-related processes, like offering promotions, sorting cases based on urgency, and following up on opportunities.

              We provide automated business processes based on your needs. Choose from our default Salesforce automation functionality or code-based customization.

              A Solution for End Users

              You can rely on us to deliver a solution that’s easy to use for end users, like your sales managers, sales personnel, and customer service representatives. We are confident that end users will adapt when Salesforce CRM implementation has started.

              A Structured Approach to Solution Delivery

              To ensure the success of the project, we take a phase-based approach. This way we can meet your needs without going over the budget. For larger projects, we deliver the key processes first, then roll out the remaining functionalities later on.

              Alternatively, we also do one-time delivery if this is what you want for your project.

              Salesforce for Financial Services

              Why Choose Us


              Cloud Adoption Solutions provides Salesforce consulting and implementation services to clients across various industries, including healthcare/life sciences, financial and professional services, and technology sectors. We can provide proven strategies and recommendations tailored to your line of work.

              Managed Services

              We designate an administrator to coordinate with you throughout the project. Among other tasks, they will be the one to check for critical updates, clean up reports and dashboards, and review setup audit trails.

              Sales Ops as a Service

              You can rely on us to deliver a solution focused on your Sales Ops, with your sales and pipeline goals in mind. We will provide a scalable plan that involves actionable measures.

              Partner Services

              Our team will modify your plan for a 360 tech stack to ensure a straightforward user experience and a user-focused interface. The goal is to boost productivity for your sales, service, and operations teams.

              Business Process Automation

              Make your operations more efficient by eliminating repetitive tasks. Your team can focus more on handling clients and sales operations by automating your business operations.

              Contact Us

              For questions and inquiries about our Salesforce professional and CRM consulting services, fill out the form below. Our sales team will get back to you as soon as they can.

              Important Note

              Keep in mind that all admin on-call services include Salesforce administrator duties, weekly governance, and transparent practices.

              Admin On-Call services do not include Development services, which will be billed separately.  Longer contract terms include multi-year discounts on monthly fees.

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