Sales Ops as a Service

Your organization may need leadership, guidance and support for Sales Operations.  Our Sales Operations project services are here to help!

Our experienced Sales Ops team will develop your plan for sales operations – whether you have a dedicated Sales Ops FTE who needs expert guidance or you don’t have Sales Ops as a role in your organization.  Your assigned project team will design your Sales Ops approach with your involvement – considering your sales and pipeline goals – and provide you with a scalable plan for the best sales approach, including how to measure results that are immediately actionable.


We will either scope your project on a fixed-price basis, ensuring risk reduction for you and tight commitment to scope, or we will follow the monthly support packages listed below.  Our scoping process is interactive, iterative, and transparent.

Fill out the form below and a member of our sales team will be in touch with you shortly!

All Admin On-Call services include Administrator duties, weekly governance, and transparent practices.  Admin On-Call services do not include Development services, which will be billed separately.  Longer contract terms include multi-year discounts on monthly fees.

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Cloud Adoption Solutions is a 100% woman-owned, fully registered and certified partner.

Our HQ is in Pittsburgh, PA, and we are also located in Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; Asheville, NC.

We work with small and medium businesses in healthcare/life sciences, professional services, and technology sectors.