Your Company Cannot Ignore AI: Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Sales

Artificial Intelligence: the Future of Sales?

As we continue to progress into the 21st century, the norms and molds of every personal and professional field change with the coming expansions in technology. Some are hesitant to implement or adapt to these new changes as they move the normal status quo, and feel challenging to adopt. One business who accepts these changes and strives to meet them head on is

As AI, or Artificial Intelligence, becomes more and more advanced and accessible, companies like Salesforce are taking advantage. But what makes AI so valuable to a company who is already on top? Just like almost all new features announced so far this year, it comes down to one word: streamlining. By using AI to lessen the administrative load that most salespeople face, it is streamlining the sales process and shortening the sales cycle.  And, that gives a sales team more time to delight their customers!

Recent studies show that sales reps only spend a portion of their day selling, while a large amount is taken up by mostly administrative tasks. Salesforce is counting on AI to change this. Through the use of Einstein Insights and its features, Salesforce is doubling down on the success and ease of use for AI in the future. By connecting all of these prediction tools, administrative help, and insights, Salesforce is creating a new way for sales reps to become not only more productive, but have the time to sharpen their own skills.

While new, Salesforce’s early acceptance of AI has led them to a new era of business tools and empowerment.  They have taken a calculated risk in researching and developing the technology that has become accessible the past few years. Users of can look for even more AI features to become available in new updates for Lightning this upcoming year!

If your company isn’t sure how to implement Einstein and AI in your instance, we offer both technical help and user training to really propel your team into true productivity.  Contact us today!

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