Field History Tracking in Salesforce: Come and See Video

Salesforce Field History Tracking: CAS Come and See videos show you how to customize your Salesforce instance to do amazing things. Join Natalie from Cloud Adoption Solutions, as she shows you step by step how you can set up field history tracking in Salesforce!



Hi, everyone, this is Natalie with Cloud Adoption Solutions and today I have a quick tip for all of the admins out there. And this is related to field history tracking.

One of the things that I run into frequently in orgs – especially in getting set up and they’re brand new, and sometimes an existing org – if you try to run a field history report, and your reports coming up blank, then there might be a reason for that. So what I’m referring to is, if you type in the word history, here are all the different history reports that you can build out. So if you pull up an account history report, and it’s blank, and most likely, it’s because you haven’t enabled field tracking on your account object.

I’m going to quickly show you where you can do that and just go into your Setup. And go to your Account object, field Fields and Relationships. Click on this “Set History Tracking” button. And you’ll see whether or not it’s enabled. Here I have account history enabled, checked. If you log into this and see that it’s unchecked, that means that you’re not tracking any of your fields on your account record. So click the box, and you have all of these options on your account page that you can start tracking as far as you know, historical data, you are allowed up to 20 fields to be tracked at one time. So if you want to start tracking account source, customer priority account number, just click the box next to the fields that you want to start tracking and then click Save.

Now going forward, when you start to make edits on your account page, and the field values will be tracked as far as who edited that field and when the field was edited. So just take a quick look against all of your important objects. So your Account, your Contacts, make sure that history tracking is enabled. That way you can start tracking all of the changes that take place against these important objects.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Cloud Adoption Solutions. We are always happy to help – thanks!


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