As an organization utilizing Salesforce, you must ensure that the developers you hire have the technical and security qualifications needed to build secure solutions. With a variety of different roles available within the Salesforce development community, it’s important to understand what each role entails and how their skill sets can contribute to building a secure platform.

This article will outline the three essential roles within Salesforce development and provide tips on how to hire the right developers to ensure your platform remains secure!

Salesforce: What is it?

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform used by businesses to store, manage, and analyze customer data. The Salesforce platform provides an array of tools for customizing and integrating applications, automating marketing processes, and creating reports and dashboards.

There are three essential roles in Salesforce development. Each role offers its own unique set of skills, and it’s important to understand how each role can contribute to building secure solutions.

1. Salesforce Administrator

The Salesforce Administrator manages the overall platform, ensuring that all processes run smoothly and securely. The administrator is tasked with setting up user access privileges. They are also in charge of customizing applications, creating reports, and ensuring data security.

2. Salesforce Developer

The role of the Salesforce Developer is to create customized applications on the platform. This includes developing code using the Apex programming language. The Apex programming language is the language used to write custom code on the Salesforce platform. Developers are also responsible for creating custom reports and dashboards.


These developers also work with two important components, Visualforce, and the Lightning Component Framework. Visualforce is a programming language used to create custom pages on the Salesforce platform. While the Lightning Component Framework is a set of components that can be used to build interactive and dynamic applications.


Aside from working with these components, Salesforce developers also create integrations with other systems, configure automation processes, and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

3. Salesforce Security Specialist

The Salesforce Security Specialist ensures that all processes within the platform remain secure from malicious actors. This means that the Security Specialist must know how to protect against data breaches, malicious code, and other security threats.


This role requires a high level of technical knowledge of the Salesforce platform. They are also responsible for ensuring that all applications are compliant with industry regulations and laws. Additionally, these specialists handle the security reviews that will assess potential risks and weak points of the system.

What Roles Do Developers Play in Securing Salesforce?

Salesforce developers play an important role in ensuring Salesforce security. They must understand how to use the platform and have experience writing secure code. It is also important for them to be familiar with industry-standard security protocols. Plus, they should have a thorough understanding of best practices when it comes to coding and application development.

Hiring the Right Salesforce Developers

When hiring Salesforce developers, it’s important to look for developers with the right skills and experience. Ensure that they have a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and secure solutions. It is no use trying to hire developers who lack an understanding of the specific functions within the Salesforce platform.  Additionally, it is important that you are updated with the latest Salesforce news to enable you to hire the right people for the job.


Here’s a quick guide to help you hire the right developers for your team:

Look for developers with experience in the Salesforce platform.

The first thing you must do is find developers with experience in the Salesforce platform. It’s important to hire developers who have a good understanding of the platform and its features. It would be highly beneficial if they are experienced in customizing applications for specific needs as well.

Ensure that they have a strong understanding of security protocols and coding best practices.

It is important to hire developers who understand the importance of security protocols. They must be able to apply coding best practices. This means they should be familiar with industry-standard protocols, such as OWASP, OpenSSH, and TLS/SSL, as well as writing secure code for the Salesforce platform.

Ask for references from their previous employers.

Developers are often in-demand and can work for several companies. Ask potential candidates for references from past employers. This will help ensure they have the skills and experience necessary to do the job. Do your due diligence and get a background check as well to ensure that the developer is credible and dependable. This is especially important because you want to focus on the security of the platform.

Seek input from your existing team members.

If you already have Salesforce developers on your team, ask them to help with the recruitment process. They can provide valuable insight into a potential candidate’s knowledge and experience. they can also offer advice on finding the best person for the job. This can help ensure that you find the right candidate for your team. At the same time, asking for their input can empower your security team and boost morale, resulting in better performance.

Identify any specific skills you require.

The Salesforce platform is vast and complex, with many different features and components. If you are looking for a developer to handle specialized tasks, like integration or automation, make sure that you list these skills in the job description. This will ensure that you find someone who has the technical know-how to handle those specific tasks. 

Be open to remote hiring.

Salesforce developers can work remotely, allowing you to hire from a global pool of talent. This can give you access to top developers who may not be in your local area but still have the necessary skills and experience required for the job. 

Final Word

With the right team in place, you can be sure that your Salesforce platform is secure and running. And when you understand the importance of each role within an organization, your development team will be well-equipped to build secure solutions on the Salesforce platform! Best of luck with hiring the right developer for your team!


Chatty Garrate is a freelance writer from Manila. She finds joy in inspiring and educating others through writing. That’s why aside from her job as a language evaluator for local and international students, she spends her leisure time writing about various topics such as lifestyle, technology, and business.