Flownatics, rejoice: Salesforce creates Flow Loop Variables automatically!

Some exciting features are coming for flow users with the Salesforce Summer ’20 release. One of these is the auto-creation of the Flow Loop Variable. Previously, users had to manually create a loop variable when creating a loop. It added another step, another variable to the canvas, and often times created confusion if you had more than one loop. Well, not anymore!

The loop variable is now auto created and given the API name of your loop. Using My_Loop as an example, accessing field values in the loop variable is as simple as clicking “Current Item from Loop My_Loop”. You then select the field you need. The loop variable will be created anytime you use the loop element. Whether you’re updating, creating, or deleting multiple records, using a loop in Flow is the way to go.

Those familiar with Flow loops know how invaluable it is to perform actions on a collection of records. Now Salesforce has made it even more user friendly to use loops by creating the loop variable automatically. If you want to check it out for yourself before it goes live in July, sign up for a preview org here!  If you want to see it live in action, check out this video with Cory and Andrew:

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