Winter 19 Release Notes and Dreamforce Updates

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Wow, Salesforce gets so busy at the end of the year, that it’s no wonder to us that they run their own fiscal year from February-January.  No way could they do their Winter Release and Dreamforce in a traditional Q4.  Phew!

That said, it’s like a full-time job poring over the amazing new things happening on the platform, so we took a stab at distilling it for our clients.

Winter 19 Release Notes:

  • Change your view with display density settings to allow for a compact view (with 30% more fields on the page) or a comfy view (with more labels and white space).  That’s a change my eyes love!  Details.
  • Assign a new owner to multiple leads, cases, or custom objects at one time – up to 200 records at once!  Now that’s a time-saving upgrade.  Details.
  • Find the data you need in a jiffy with list view search.  Aww yeah…putting an end to the word search, regardless of how much my grandma likes it!  Details.
  • Collaborate with ease with list view sharing.  I’ve wanted to be able to share list views since I was about 7 years old.  No, but seriously, it’s about time we got this feature!  Thank you, dear product team.  Details.
  • Use multi-select picklists easily with Lightning Experience.  Command and click, command and click.  No more disappearing values!  Details.
  • Field history tracking will be deleted after 18 months.  Uh oh.  This one’s not necessarily going to end up in my “plus” column…but it’s important for you to know, if you rely on field history tracking.  Purchase the Field Audit Trail add-on if you need security and auditability (nope, not a word) for ten years.  Details.

For those of you who love to get deep on your research, here’s the link to the full release notes (there are so many more that I really do love).

(BTW…if you’re not already migrated to Lightning Experience…give us a call.  Seriously.  We’ll help you to find which of the 2000+ Lightning-only features will be truly irresistible to your organization.)

Dreamforce 18 Updates:

  • Salesforce Customer 360 brings together Service, Marketing, and Commerce in one place – with prebuilt journeys and templates, and connected data that actually makes sense.  Wow! Details.
  • Einstein Voice Assistant allows data entry by voice, vocal Daily Briefing readouts, and voice commands in dashboards.  Talk about hands-free! Details.
  • Dreamforce 2019 dates were announced and the event moves back to November: mark your calendars for November 19–22, 2019.

When you have downtime, check out some of the best videos from Dreamforce here.

Did we hit all of your favorite Salesforce updates?  Any that you already love, or can’t quite figure out?  Comment below!

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