Increase Salesforce Adoption with Chatter Groups: Come and See Video

Chatter groups are a tremendous way to increase collaboration and communication in, which will drive user adoption of SFDC. Join Natalie, Head of Operations & Client Delivery, as she shows you how to set up a Chatter group, customize your Chatter group, search Chatter groups, and add files, polls, links, and others.

Salesforce Chatter groups aren’t just for users with Salesforce licenses! Your org has 5000 free Chatter licenses that you can use for internal groups like Finance or Operations who may not be in Salesforce, or you can use for external customers to collaborate with your sales, service, or other teams.

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In today’s video, we are going to show you how to increase user adoption by using Chatter groups. Chatter is a collaboration tool that Salesforce provides standard out of the box. And it’s a good way for departments to communicate or inside sales teams outside sales teams, it’s it gives them a way to communicate with each other. It’s accessible through mobile. And the notifications that you receive can be customized by way of how often you receive them.

So what I’m going to do today is create a new Chatter group. I clicked on the Chatter tab, I’m going to click recent groups and the plus side. And the group I want to create today, I’m going to call it Ask the Admin. And the purpose of this group is to allow users to post questions or comments that will flow through to the system admin, or the Salesforce admin. And it could be about functionality, or it could be looking for certain documentation, or just posting questions that they’re not real sure how to do something in Salesforce and the system admin will come back to them with a proper answer.

So in the description, I’m just going to put a little blurb about what the group’s intent is, and you can put anything here. So here I just have posters, Salesforce questions and comments and certified system administrator will provide a resolution. Here you can see who the owner is of the group and the owner manages membership. Access type will be public. Click Save and Next.

Here you can upload a photo to your Chatter group. So if you’re an inside sales team, and you want to put a picture of the team here, you can completely customize how this chatter group looks. Click Next. Here you can manage members. So anyone that you would like to be added to this group, you can search for them by name, or their names may automatically populate for you. And you can just click the add buttons. Click Done. So now my Ask the Admin chatter group has been created. So what I’m going to do as an example post, I have a document that I want to send out to the entire team related to how to add an email signature. This way, when you post the document, you can upload it and it will always live within this chatter group. And anyone who is a member of the group can access the document at any time. So first, I’m going to click this paperclip to find the document that I want to upload upload files, click on the file that I want to add. And I’m just gonna write a little post about it. And this allows everyone to collaborate on this document, you can like it you can comment you can share, the users can come in and just click on it to download. And that way they have access to it.

Another way to use Chatter groups is if your sales team is working on a particular project, and you want to bring in different departments to work on that project. So let’s say for instance, finance, marketing, inside sales, outside sales is all working on the same client. So you’re working towards getting a deal in for the end of the quarter. You can create a chatter group so that all those individuals can work together to make sure that deal goes through by a specific date. Good thing about chatter is that it maintains all of the history in a feed, similar to the way that there’s a feed on all of your other objects. And you can historically see communication that’s taking place. I just want to show you an example of another group that I created. And just to show the versatility of chatter groups. This group is called the Pittsburgh restaurant scene and I added members to this group group members who go to restaurants frequently in the Pittsburgh area and like to post comments about their dishes, or if someone has a question if they’ve attended a restaurant lately, they can post questions here. They can upload menus, so anything related to this particular topic and you see that I’ve customized it with a specific picture related to a dish that may have, you know, been a favorite for one of the members.

So just keep in mind, Chatter is a great way to collaborate, whether it’s between two people or a group of individuals. It allows you to post questions and receive immediate responses, either via mobile or just directly within Salesforce.


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