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Converting leads in Salesforce – how and why would you ever do that? Leads are one of the most underused objects in Salesforce; we have many clients who do not use Leads and we want to show you how and why you should really consider this valuable object! Cory Frey of Cloud Adoption Solutions shows you how Leads are the coolest object – did you know you can actually create THREE records (Account, Contact, and Opportunity) by converting one Lead? What power!

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Hi, this is Cory with Cloud Adoption Solutions, here today with a quick video on how to convert Leads. So for a lot of you converting Leads might be second nature in Salesforce, but maybe for some of the new users, they’re not sure how to convert leads, or the benefits that using leads and then converting those leads, provides. So in Salesforce, I’m here in my dev org, and there’s some sample data in here, I’m under the leads tab. And under the recently viewed, we see this lead Brenda Mccullar, I’m going to click on that to go in here and check out the details, make sure everything is correct on the details of this lead, I’m gonna change the industry.

And I’m going to add a mobile number. Alright, so we have this lead, and we want to convert this lead. And there’s two ways that we can do that, we can either click this convert button up here on the top right next to edit, or I can click converted in the path, and then select converted status. So I’ll do that, this, this window will pop up one of the big benefits of using leads and then converting those leads is Salesforce will automatically create an account a contact and an opportunity record based off that lead. So here, it’s going to make this account Cardinal Inc. and it’s going to make the contact record. And it’s going to make an opportunity, I’m going to change this opportunity name here.

Creating the opportunity is optional. If I didn’t want to create it, I can check this and it wouldn’t create an opportunity when I converted the lead. Also, if the account already existed, I wanted to choose an existing account, I could click this radio button and then search for an account. Same thing with the contact or the opportunity. So I’m going to go ahead and click the Convert button to convert this lead. Salesforce pops up this window letting us know that the lead has been converted. And it’ll show the account contact and opportunity records. And then I can quickly get to eat any of these by clicking the link. So I’m going to go into the account that it just made. And then under the Details tab, we see the details from the lead. So the account name, the industry, the address the phone number. And under the related tab, we have the related contact. So I’ll go into that now. And we’ll look at the details. So these are the contact details from the lead. And after confirming these are correct, I’m going to go back to the related tab. And then I’m going to check out the opportunity that Salesforce created. So here’s the opportunity, it’s in the prospecting stage or the first stage of the opportunity sales process. I’m going to change this amount.

So there we can see that converting the lead created the account the contact and this opportunity that I’m on. If I go back to the leads, recently viewed list view, we’ll see that that lead is no longer there since it’s been converted. And then if I want to see all my leads, I would just go back to the all open leads list view. So that’s a quick overview on how to convert leads and why it’s beneficial to use leads and then convert them in Salesforce. If you have any questions regarding this video or any other Salesforce questions, please reach out to us our contact info is at the end of the video. Thank you and have a great day.

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