Custom Onboarding Object in Salesforce: CAS Come and See Video

A Custom Onboarding Object can help you to use Salesforce for opportunity management, proposal management, project management, customer onboarding, or anything that requires tracking and handoffs.

CAS Come and See videos show you how to customize your Salesforce instance to do amazing things. Join Natalie, Head of Operations & Client Delivery from Cloud Adoption Solutions, as she shows you how you can use the Salesforce Custom Onboarding Object feature to really improve onboarding!

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Hello, everyone, today we’re going to talk to you about a new solution for a custom object that we’re calling the onboarding object. Now, when you think of onboarding, typically, that begins when the sales process ends. So if you’re a salesperson, and you take your opportunity through to a closed one status, that’s when the fun starts, right, we’re going to get everybody together, get the project team involved, and start working on the project.

In many cases, that process is held outside of Salesforce, I can’t tell you how many orgs I’ve worked with, that once the opportunity goes to closed one. everything related to implementation is downstream, and falls upon multiple departments. And many people don’t really communicate well in that manner. Because they’re all using different methods to engage. Our onboarding solution is a way or a vehicle to deliver the final project, and to get multiple departments on board with not only using Salesforce, but focusing on the opportunity and the project at hand, as a group.

So what we’ll show you today is the onboarding solution that we built, and a little bit of a view of a ListView, just to see how you can manage projects, if you are a project manager. So here, I have an opportunity that I’m going to take into a closed one status. So I’m a salesperson, I got my award notification, and we’re ready class signed, we’re ready to go from changing this to a closed one. And what that not only does is you see we’re celebrating that fact, on the right side of my screen is a related list and you’ll see an onboarding record has been created. So we’ve already automated the process to get this onboarding process started. And it’s related to the opportunity. So let’s click on that record, and start taking a look at what it is that we need to do as far as next steps. So the onboarding record, is a way to create accountability. It’s a way to assign out tasks to multiple departments that need to get involved in this project. And typically, you know, you’ll have a sales operations lead, managing that whole process.

So here, you’ll see we have the opportunity name, we got the client, the close date, the amount of the project that’s been won. This is a new status, because we just launched it. Once we progress through the project itself, we can change the status to in progress to finalizing to finally launched.

You’ll see many sections, and each section represents a department. So here I have sales, and what the sales need to do, what are the next steps after we’ve brought this client in? Well, they need to schedule an internal meeting. To get everyone together involved to discuss next steps, they have to submit a contract request, and also send that survey to the client. All right, we’re gonna hit save, sales did their job.

And now we’re creating an onboarding history on the right side here, you can see we need to get sales operations involved here, too. So what we’re going to do, we’re going to assign a sales ops lead. So that will say Doug, starts creating tasks for the project team. Sales operations typically has other jobs to do, right. So they’re going to review the closed one checklist to make sure that everything’s there that needs to be there, update some commission tables, assigned project team members, that let’s save that record. So now we’re building not only history, but we’re building accountability, because we’re assigning ownership to these tasks, contracts. So sales submits their contracts request contracts is going to be assigned to this client, right? We’re going to populate who the coordinator is

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