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Maybe you decided on your own to learn more about Salesforce administration, or maybe you were “volun-told” into owning the Salesforce system as a part of your actual day job.  Either way, you’ve done it!  You tested the waters, prepared, studied, and finally decided to begin your Salesforce Administrator journey. But like many new roles and responsibilities, this time can turn pretty quickly from a joyful occasion to a very overwhelming beginning.

With so much to learn, it can be difficult for new administrators to find not only balance, but a starting place to begin. At Cloud Adoption Solutions, we get so many questions from people who are looking to begin their journey on the right path, and we thought, why not put together a quick start list for those who might need it!

The journey for almost all Salesforce Administrators begins at Salesforce Trailhead. Trailhead is an amazing space for learning, comprehensive testing, and in-the-system playground practice. Head of Operations and Client Delivery at Cloud Adoption Solutions, Natalie Battista, put together these specific Trailmixes that are designed to help new Admin hopefuls find a place to start.

Links to Natalie’s best beginner Trailmixes on Trailhead:

Next step is the Salesforce AppExchange. A wonderful place for a new Admin to find resources, it contains the entire Certified Partner listing as well as all of the applications that are compatible with Salesforce. For someone who is learning about integration and the Salesforce ecosystem, this is a must-see stop!

Awesome and value-added App Exchange Dashboards:

One of the most important tools for an Admin or even any user is the Salesforce Trailblazer group. In this link, Natalie included all the ways you can discover, join, and interact with Salesforce Trailblazer Groups around the world. Looking for a specific area and vertical? I’m certain that there’s a group for it! Don’t be shy; the Salesforce Ohana is known for being large and welcoming!

Salesforce User Group Recommendations:
Admin Trailblazers:
Admin Webinars:

And click here for a fun and free course on Trailblazer groups.

This article below is perfect for new admins who are needing information about the Process Builder. The Process Builder is an extremely important piece of an admin’s daily life, so the more information a newer member of the Ohana has the better!

Process Builder Online Help Article:

Last but not least, Salesforce has a group of User guides that can help anyone looking to become an admin or even a better user. Full of information that can add to adoption, success, and theory, these guides are critical when there is such an abundance of information to learn.

Downloadable User Guides:

Well, there you have it: a complete and comprehensive guide to your first steps as an admin! There’s no better way to start out than with organization and a trail to follow. All thats left now is for you to take those first steps into the future. We wish you the best of luck on your Salesforce journey…and remember, we’re here to help if you ever need us:

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