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The number one question we get about Salesforce is, “How do I increase Salesforce adoption?” The answer is putting it into practice everywhere you can, starting with management! Use Salesforce in your pipeline reviews, your 1:1s, your board reports – anywhere you use Salesforce you’re driving positive behavior! Join Andrew Duncan, Sr. Partner Account Manager of Cloud Adoption Solutions, as he gives you a few ideas on how to put this into action.

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Cloud Adoption Solutions is a 100% woman-owned registered Salesforce partner, specializing in implementation, integration, and optimization for Technology, Healthcare/ Life Sciences, and Financial Services/ Professional Services organizations in the small and mid-commercial sectors.



Hello, everybody, Andrew Duncan here with Cloud Adoption Solutions. Cloud Adoption Solutions is a 100%. Woman owned Salesforce certified partner, we specialize in implementations, customizations and development for our clients with a huge admin on call service.

Now, as Salesforce certified partners, and myself as a Partner Account Manager, we’re often getting asked by our clients, so many different types of questions that all lead to really creative solutions on the back end team. But today, we’re going to talk a little bit about the most common question that I face as a partner account manager for a Salesforce consulting firm. So the number one question I receive is Andrew, how do I drive adoption in my office? How do I drive adoption of my sales team, and obviously, with Salesforce adoption is key. You want your sales people, your marketing people, whoever is using the Salesforce to be using it correctly and consistently for it to work, spending a lot of money on it, I’m assuming, and spending money to get it set up, right. So you might as well have them use it correctly, because it’s going to lead to more dividends and more profits.

Now, what we seem to see as a recurring theme is that people were asking for how to increase adoption are also not using the top down approach. And for us, it all starts with management. Now, when we go into an office, and we look at their Salesforce instance, first we see who is checking in on the Salesforce who’s looking at reports is management using Salesforce as a tool to look at not only activity, but performance as well. And what we found is that if managers are using Salesforce as a tool to monitor performance into base profits, and how their sales people and their employees are running their work, and how they’re doing that, they often see an increase in adoption.

And this is pretty simple. It’s a pretty simple reason – people want to do a good job. People want to be recognized for doing their job, and they and they want to do things correctly. And I think that if a manager takes the time takes the effort to make sure that they’re managing through Salesforce and you’re using it as a tool for management, that you will see an extra boost. In adoption, you will see all of your employees using it a lot more because nobody wants to be the one person who gets called out for not using it correctly. So if you want to increase adoption as a manager, I would say go ahead and start making sure that you’re using in all of your meetings, that using it as a tool for measurement and a tool for driving success.

Thank you so much. If you have any questions at all, make sure you reach out to me, Andrew at cloud adoption dot solutions is my email. We have a website that’ll be posted in the description below. Go ahead and click on there. You can message any of us with any sort of Salesforce questions you might have or drop in the comments below. Have a great day.

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