Salesforce users are always looking for the next update that is going to help them get their job done faster. Within sales and marketing, time is the most valuable asset as seconds and minutes can be directly related to dollars. Salesforce has optimized the search bar with this exact need in mind.

salesforce search optimization

By using the new Einstein predictable search bar that has been updated, you can now search for anything within the Salesforce org with ease. Looking up Leads and related Contacts and Accounts has never been easier.

Global and direct search now allows users to view specific fields and customize their own search parameters as well!

predictable salesforce search bar
With these new features and lightning quick search times, the age of long winded searches are over. Users can find the information they desire quickly and efficiently! This means faster turnaround and faster results for companies and their profits.

Check out this video for even more information and details on Salesforce search: