Salesforce Third-Party Partner Services

Using too many applications at once tends to be confusing, but your operations likely relies on applications beyond the Sales Cloud. This is why Cloud Adoption Solutions offers Salesforce partner services!

As a team, we focus on user experience, ensuring you have the easiest time using the Salesforce platform. This leads to higher operational outputs for your sales operations. As such, Cloud Adoption Solutions helps you develop a software solution that facilitates a seamless Salesforce and third-party applications integration.
These services enhance user experience and ensures your team uses different applications with human-centered design. Drive your team’s productivity with our Salesforce partner services today.


Cloud Adoption Solutions’ Salesforce partner services make Salesforce even better. With these, we help you integrate your Salesforce platform with third-party apps you use for other processes.

Salesforce can accommodate various tools and applications, such as Google’s G Suite, JIRA, and Quickbooks. Integration between these applications and your Salesforce platform creates a seamless user experience that improves your team’s operations.

Our team scopes your project on a fixed-price basis to lessen the risk for you. We also offer monthly support packages listed below, with the option to combine other services into one package.

Our scoping process is interactive, iterative, and transparent so you are always aware of the performance of your Salesforce CRM.

Benefits of Salesforce Partner Services


Cloud Adoption Solutions’ Salesforce partner services, which help you develop a software solution for third-party application integration, provides your organization the following benefits:


  • Increased productivity. You can accomplish quicker outcomes compared to manual data processing when you connect your Salesforce platform to the apps you use. As a result, you can get error-free output with ease.
  • Automated processes. As your business applications work together with Salesforce, automation is possible, making it easier to achieve your business goals.
  • Simple data access. Application integration allows for easier information-sharing between the apps. This allows you to collect valuable information and gain insights that will help your organization make better decisions.
  • Customer retention. When you connect Salesforce with your organizational applications, you get to enjoy features that are beneficial to customers, giving them more reason to stay loyal to your business.
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Why Choose Cloud Adoption Solutions


Cloud Adoption Solutions is a woman-owned Salesforce partner, delivering services that make integrating Salesforce into your organization a smoother and more effective process. With a focus on user adoption, our partner services give you the solutions you need to take full advantage of the Salesforce platform.

A Full Suite of Salesforce Services


Apart from partner services, Cloud Adoption Solutions helps you optimize your organization’s Salesforce CRM with a full suite of related services.

Professional Services

Optimize your organization’s potential through your Salesforce CRM with our Salesforce Professional Services, which includes planning, consulting, support, and more.

Managed Services

Place the obligation of maintaining your Salesforce CRM into professional hands with our Salesforce Managed Services. These allow you to focus on your company’s operations while we manage your platform.

Partner Services

Your tech stack doesn’t need to operate separately from your Salesforce CRM. Cloud Adoption Solutions’ Salesforce partner services help you develop a tech stack strategy that integrates your applications with Salesforce for better user experience.

Business Process Automation

Redundant tasks takes up a significant amount of operational time, which you could have used for better purposes. Our team offers business process automation services, helping you create an automated tech stack.

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All Admin On-Call services include Administrator duties, weekly governance, and transparent practices.  Admin On-Call services do not include Development services, which will be billed separately.  Longer contract terms include multi-year discounts on monthly fees.

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Cloud Adoption Solutions is a 100% woman-owned, fully registered and certified partner.

Our HQ is in Pittsburgh, PA, and we are also located in Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; Asheville, NC.

We work with small and medium businesses in healthcare/life sciences, professional services, and technology sectors.

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