TrailheaDX TDX21 Event Recap

TrailheaDX TDX21

An Official Salesforce Event

The usual fanfare flies as Salesforce makes its triumphant return to events in the summer of 2021 with TrailheaDX. With a strong start to 2021 and the promise of a year where things are beginning to return to normal, Salesforce has a big push moving into the post-pandemic landscape.

Salesforce TrailheaDX TDX 21

Salesforce TrailheaDX TDX 21

The second virtual TrailheaDX does not disappoint, with incredible sessions, guest speakers such as Mindy Kaling, and musical acts like Fitz and the Tantrums, Salesforce aims to bring that same excitement and Ohana feeling to their biggest event of the summer.

Starting off with a big keynote and then immediately diving into sessions, can Salesforce give their ecosystem and employees the same exciting experience that we have seen over the years in person? Today is the day we find out!  With an incredible five tracks displayed on individual channels: Developer, Admin, Architect, Community & Ecosystem, and IT Leader channels, TDX is moving far past the earlier focus of TrailheaDX which was known as a Developer show.  The content was amazing and we’re excited to recap some of our favorite sessions for you here!


The always energetic and fabulous Parker Harris, Salesforce co-founder, announces that there are an incredible 11 million Trailblazers in 90 countries.  What a statistic!

Salesforce Trailblazers Together

Salesforce Trailblazers Together

Harris also introduced Einstein Data Sense:

Innovate anywhere with Salesforce

Innovate anywhere with Salesforce

And we learned more about Hyperforce. Hyperforce is backward-compatible across all Salesforce Clouds, and available in India and Germany with 7 other countries coming in 2021, and will be GA in 2022 for every customer.

Salesforce Hyperforce

Salesforce Hyperforce


Salesforce has always been famous for its community and exciting engagement. How did that community fare during the pandemic and what has changed now that things are moving back to normal?

Community engagement and involvement leads to more innovation was the main point of this session. Salesforce believes very firmly that the more involved the trailblazing community is and the more active they are, the more successful they become. Salesforce is going to commit to finding new ways to continue to support trailblazers in order to give companies the best in house Salesforce support possible.

The New Trailblazer Community

The New Trailblazer Community

In this session, a new Salesforce Certification was announced: the B2B Solutions Architect. This is a brand new certification that doubles down on the automation and innovation that is being driven as a result of the pandemic. More news coming on this certification and how to obtain it will be available in the coming days.

Additionally, a new learning process called Learning Paths was announced. This is like an active LMS learning tool in your own Salesforce org. This is designed to allow the Salesforce Trailblazer to learn in real time and through points during the day, making the learning more effective!


Salesforce Partners are being pushed in new ways each and every year to come with the newest and brightest ideas. Spearheading the movement for Partners creating apps, Salesforce wants to tap into that Partner Knowledge and encourage partners to continue to make incredible apps.

Salesforce Tableau CRM

Salesforce Tableau CRM


In this session, Salesforce Experts break down the Tableau use for partners, using the innovation of Tableau to create more successful apps in the future. In many cases Salesforce’s success can be attributed to its flexibility and app integrations. This means that the future is bright for app building and that Tableau is rising to the new challenges.


The Salesforce Admin exam can be incredibly stressful and hard to prepare for. It takes months of studying and a lot of preparation. With this in mind, the advanced admin exam is another step higher.

Prep for your Salesforce Certification

Prep for your Salesforce Certification

With Salesforce developers and administrators lining up to take this exam the speaker, Kevin Corcoran takes the time to show the audience new ways of approaching Salesforce learning including, learning labs, community outreach, and getting the most out of Trailhead!


Author, Comedian, and Actress Mindy Kaling is an inspiration to an entire generation of fans who have seen her work. As an Indian American she has faced many challenges and hurdles, breaking into the Comedy and Writing industries. Not only did Mindy break through these barriers, but she has gone on to become one of the biggest names today.

Trailblazing with Mindy Kaling

Trailblazing with Mindy Kaling

A fun and casual panel allows us to listen to the inspiring tales of overcoming obstacles from Mindy’s perspective, and gives us all the inspiration we need to surmount our own challenges. Salesforce has brought her on to speak once again because she serves as a model for people around the globe who want to fight for representation and inclusion!


In a year of uncertainty and new issues, Salesforce has been challenged to come up with events and sessions that are actually involved and helpful. Some of the early Salesforce events in the pandemic have been criticized for over-selling and pre-recorded messages. However, TrailheaDX21 was a whole different show.


TDX21 has us all excited for TDX22

Incredible sessions, great speakers, and a gracious keynote from Mindy Kaling star in a day full of learning and inclusion. Salesforce comes back hard with a compelling day of TDX21. 2021 has promised to be a big year: concerts are back, people are having fun, and life seems to be going into the post-pandemic with a roar, but Salesforce made the choice to continue to have a virtual Trailhead. This didn’t affect the overall performance and impact of the event, and this has been one of the more memorable TrailheaDX events to date!

We had lots of fun and we hope you did as well, from the Cloud Adoption Solutions team: “Go blaze those trails!”

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