How Can I Keep Up with All of the Salesforce News???

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Wow, Salesforce puts out so much amazing, incredible, helpful content.  From Trailhead modules to documentation to communities to emails and videos and webinars, it can be a full-time job just consuming it all!

Well – we’re here to help.  Salesforce literally IS our full-time jobs, and we’re always reading, testing, learning, and we want to share that with you!  We put out a monthly newsletter with curated Salesforce news.  We call it the CAS Communique and you can subscribe to it, free, here.

Each issue curates Salesforce news, and covers primary topics like Salesforce Scoop, Tips on YouTube, Advice from an Expert, and User Adoption Research.  We also share news and special events!

If you’ve missed a past issue, never fear! Here you go:

Let us know if you have a question for our monthly Q&A, or tell us what you think about the newsletter!

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