Rich Text Components improve Salesforce User Adoption: CAS Come and See Video

Rich Text Components improve Salesforce User Adoption. In this CAS Come and See Video, Natalie Battista shows you how you can use the rich text component to deliver messages to your Salesforce users. In this case, Natalie shows how you can remind your sales team to update their close dates with a component that displays when an opportunity is past due. This is a great way to drive additional Salesforce user adoption and keep your CRM data as crisp and clean as possible!

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Natalie Battista 0:15 Hi, guys, this is Natalie with cloud adoption Solutions. Today I’m going to show you a quick tip on using your rich text component on an opportunity page. Many times, we tend to overlook some of the options here that you have in building your lightning app builder page layout, one of them is rich text. And I’m going to use it in a simple way just to remind users of a possible past to close date. So I want my opportunity lightning app builder layout, I’m going to pull in my rich text component, and throw it on my page. And what this basically is, it’s a free text area that allows you to create words, phrases, links to things. And what I’m going to use it for today is to remind people to check their close dates. And I’m going to add in some criteria to display it when the close date is in fact, past due. So just for instance, I’m going to put here click note that says your close date is past due.

Natalie Battista 1:34 Couple of exclamation points. Now I’m going to make it a little bit larger and change it to red to really bring it out in the open bolded. Make it really obnoxious, so that the person can’t not see it on on the team. Right. So here you see I’m building it out, you see it’s your close date is past due, I’m going to add a filter, which is going to be based upon the actual closed date being less than today’s date. So my rich text component will only show if closed date is less than or equal to today, I have this set for true. Click Done. Click Save. Now if I go back to my opportunity, you’ll see looks like my close date is fine. So it’s the 27th. But if I change it to a day in the past, ah, it’s telling me your close date is past due. And that’s the beauty of a rich text component. Like I said, you can throw a URL link in here you can throw anything into any object. Rich Text is supported across all of your objects. So just think of some different ways that you could use this functionality. Thanks!

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