Maven Tools: CAS Come and See Video

Maven Tools: CAS Come and See Video

CAS Come and See videos show you how to customize your Salesforce instance to do amazing things. Join Jarret from Cloud Adoption Solutions, as he shows you step by step why the Maven Tools Chrome extension should be a favorite for all Salesforce developers!

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Hey guys, it’s Jarret, from Cloud Adoption Solutions. Today we are going to talk about my favorite Chrome extension for Salesforce called Maven Tools. You can find it here. And it does these things that I’ll show you here in a second. Alright, so once you install it, you will be able to go into whatever or you’re working in and inspect.

And then over here, you’ll get this new tab under Dev Tools called Maven Tools, and has these options here, just like any standard Chrome extension for Salesforce, but I just like this one better.

So here we have a SOQL query editor, which is pretty nice. Here, we can fetch record data in a really nice and clean UI, I think it looks pretty good. We can grab object details to see all the fields and relationships on object. From here, these open a new tab in your org, to create a new one or whatever you want to do them. Rest console – really awesome.

You can get to a lot from here: debug logs. This is really cool, because it shows you all users debug logs. Event Hub, you can subscribe to events in here if you want. And you have the ability to see all of your org limits. All from this really nice UI!

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