Salesforce APPS We Love – Confirmed Scheduler: CAS Come and See Video

Salesforce APPS We Love – Confirmed Scheduler: CAS Come and See Video

Join Andrew from Cloud Adoption Solutions as he shows you a really exciting look at the new Confirmed Instant Scheduler app, which is the future of scheduling and enterprise engagement. It is available on the App Exchange for Salesforce today.

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Andrew Duncan 0:15

Hello, everybody, this is Andrew Duncan with Cloud Adoption Solutions here today with a really exciting look at the Confirmed app, which is called the future of scheduling that is available on the App Exchange for Salesforce today. And that integrates into Salesforce, amazingly, we are really, really excited about this. It’s, it’s pretty new to the Salesforce space, the integration is pretty new. But it couldn’t be a more sophisticated and really, really cool tool, and a type of scheduler that you can use to really personalize your day to day operations as a as a person who might go to a lot of meetings and have a lot of meetings to schedule. So I’m gonna do a quick run through of confirmed and give you a quick glimpse into the way it works. So I want to start with this multi slot scheduler, it’s really, really cool idea. First, you can put in your meeting details, and add attendees from there with a little subject line and a personal note and a little bio. So this is really great for a person who is maybe meeting with someone that doesn’t know them as well, you can add a really nice personal touch, give a little bit about yourself, and just make it feel a little bit more one to one and give that person a glimpse into what you’re like, before you meet with them, which is really great relationship building is only getting harder, the more that things become automated and they become virtual. So I think that the future of having personal business and a good business relationship is being a little bit quicker and more forward about introducing yourself.


Andrew Duncan 1:51

When it comes to the scheduler, it’s really nice flex calendar. So you’re able to have a list of virtual locations and places that you are available to meet. So if someone is looking at your calendar to schedule with you, they’re able to see your favorite coffee shop, maybe the best bagel place that you like to go to as meeting spaces. And of course, because we are virtual a lot of the time still because of COVID, you do have different forms of virtual meeting rooms. So I use my zoom, but you can use Google Calendar, you know, Outlook, Google meets whatever you know, you’re looking to do, virtually someone is able to schedule that with you. You can also break things down into block scheduling. So it works like a normal scheduler just a bit more sophisticated, you’re able to really hone down on your availability during the day, your client or your opportunity, someone that you’re going to meet with is able to really see your schedule. Well, whatever you allow them to see. And they’re able to pick that time that really works best for both of you. So instead of going back and forth, emailing 15 times trying to find a date and a time and a place to meet, you can just use this scheduler and it works really well.


Andrew Duncan 3:01

Of course, this does integrate into Salesforce, which is so huge, so it’s all available in Salesforce real time. So you’re seeing in your leads, in your contacts in your accounts, these meetings that are going on, you’re able to stay on top of these clients making sure that you are giving them the best, you know, some care, the best attention that you can. And by having this plugged into Salesforce, you’re also not having to go back and forth, you know, enter this in manually and a note that automation is key. And then in the coming year to being a bit faster, better at getting on the jump because that’s what it’s going to be all about in the next couple of years is how fast you can approach these meetings, automation is going to be key to the future of business in the landscape that’s changing in a very virtual world.


Andrew Duncan 3:47

Additionally, in here, you can look at Custom meeting requests. So it’s really easy to set up these meetings. And I’ll just take you into a quick look at the meat of the meetings that I do have. So these are meetings that have been confirmed. So you’re able to filter these meetings down, take a look and search by a type, which is really great for someone who’s super, super, super busy, has a lot of meetings to go through various successful piece here because I think that you’re able to hone down on what’s important, depending on the day. There’s also your ability to customize. It’s so customizable, so easy to use, you have all of these options and locations that you’re able to add in. So I think that it just adds a really nice personal touch. It’s something that gives you a real opportunity to show who you are and just be really upfront about the places that you’d like to go which is only going to show your clients a bit more of a personal side.


Andrew Duncan 4:40

It plugs in Salesforce which is just perfect. The flex calendar is also really nice because you can have multiple calendars so you can add calendars, add different types of calendars that you might want someone to see. So if you’re really really busy, this is nice because you can break things off a little bit and be a bit more organized which is


Andrew Duncan 5:00

so, so helpful in 2020, to where everything is going to be virtual for the most part, things are going to stack up, it’s going to get hard to keep track of everything. So having it on Salesforce, huge, having everything available in different calendars, and so cohesive and easy to see is also going to be huge. And because it plugs into Salesforce, it just makes everything easier, it’s going to make your life easier. So this is available on the AppExchange. So if you go on the Salesforce AppExchange, you’re able to see their listing, see the reviews for yourself cert so far, has amazing reviews, five stars, we use it at cloud adoption solutions, and we think it’s wonderful. And that’s why we’re here with it today. So if you want to give it a go, you want to take a look at it, see what’s out there, and then talk to us about the automation, we are available. So do go down into the description and click and see what confirmed is all about. We’ll put a lot of information about it in the bio. But we’re super excited about this. We think it’s wonderful and ready to go. So do check it out on the AppExchange. And if you have any other apps or automations that you want to see us talk about on this channel, please go ahead and add a comment. Make sure you like this video and then maybe even message us. We’ll put our email down in the description as well. But thank you so much for your time today. Once again, this is Andrew cloud adoption solutions. We’re really really excited about this confirmed app. We do believe it is actually the future of scheduling. So take a look at it today.



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