Salesforce Connected Apps: CAS Chats Video

Salesforce is so powerful because it is so elastic – you can configure, code, or connect other apps to make Salesforce your powerful customer 360 engine.  Some reasons you may choose to look in the Salesforce AppExchange for connected applications are:

  • extend the power of Salesforce by integrating applications that solve other problems – like marketing automation, document generation, project management, or ERP system – that allow you to gather data to have a single source of truth in just one place, Salesforce
  • allow other team members to collaborate and communicate in one designated system
  • find new technology that serves an unmet need – maybe even one you didn’t know there was a solution for! – in an easy, few click installation

Join Andrew and Cory – live from the CAS Summer Summit at Snowshoe – as they fill you in on Salesforce connected applications, using Salesforce as a single source of truth and engagement, and making Salesforce easy for users, IT, and administrators.

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Andrew Duncan 0:15 Hello, everyone, thank you so much for joining us here today. My name is Andrew Duncan with Cloud Adoption Solutions.

Cory Frey 0:20 And I’m Cory Frey with Cloud Adoption Solutions.

Andrew Duncan 0:22 Today we’re here to talk to you about the top three reasons to use Salesforce as a central engagement platform. So number one on that list is the single source of truth. Cory, can you tell us a little bit about that? Sure.

Cory Frey 0:33 So with a single source of truth source of truth, what we mean is keeping your data in one centralized location. So if if we’re using a connected app that is native to Salesforce, it really helps to keep all that data in Salesforce. So if this was like a lead generation form type app, all that data would come directly into Salesforce, you wouldn’t have to go to a different website or some other location to get that data after someone submits that lead. And along with that, since that data is already in Salesforce, it makes it really easy to report on that data.

Andrew Duncan 1:10 That’s great. And the second reason is easy for the users. So can you embellish a little bit on that as well?

Cory Frey 1:17 Yes, so with connected apps, it makes it a lot easier for the users because they don’t need to leave Salesforce. So if they’re already working in Salesforce, they’re used to being in Salesforce, it just makes it much nicer for them to just go to a different tab in Salesforce, have that connected app load, and then they can do whatever they need to do without leaving the Salesforce platform.

Andrew Duncan 1:39 That’s great. And our third reason, and then probably our biggest is they’re less disconnected apps for it to manage.

Cory Frey 1:46 Yeah, so companies IT team as managing their own IT infrastructure. They don’t want to manage all these other disconnected apps. And by having these apps within Salesforce, it’s just one thing we’re taking off of their plate. Obviously, the IT team for a company is really busy managing their own IT infrastructure, day to day it tasks. They don’t want to have to manage these Salesforce apps or these apps that aren’t really connected to Salesforce but are being used by the sales team in Salesforce. So by having these apps connected directly to Salesforce, it takes that like that off of the it team’s plate, so they don’t have to manage this other app on some other website. It’s already in Salesforce, and can be managed directly from there.

Andrew Duncan 2:30 Right, one less thing to worry about, right? Well, our goal at Cloud Adoption Solutions is always to make our clients’ lives easier. So we hope anyone who’s considering using Salesforce as a central engagement platform does reach out to us. We’re always free and available to answer any questions you have. So hit the link in the bio to reach out to us and to ask us any questions you may have. And thank you so much for being with us here today. This was the top three reasons to use Salesforce as a central engagement platform. Thank you so much.

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