Salesforce Create Account and Contact: CAS Come and See Video

Salesforce Create Account and Contact: CAS Come and See Video

Do you know how to create an account, create a contact, and associate that contact to the account in Salesforce? Join Evan from Cloud Adoption Solutions as he quickly shows you how to do exactly that.

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Evan Frey  00:00

Hi, this is Evan from Cloud Adoption Solutions. And today I’m going to show you how to create an account and create a contact related to that account.


Evan Frey  00:18

First, we’ll go ahead and click on the accounts Object tab. Next, we’ll click New. And type in an account name here. I’m going to name this Pizza Palace. Click Save.Now I’ll go ahead and click New next to contacts here. And we’ll just type in owner and then save. And now you can see that this contact is related to the Pizza Palace account.


Evan Frey  01:01

Now you can also relate a contact to an account by clicking on the accounts Object tab. Clicking new and we’ll go ahead and type one or two on the account name here. This is where we can go ahead and relate the contact to an account. So I’m going to go ahead and select Pizza Palace and click Save. And now I want to go back to accounts and then Pizza Palace. You can see that both of the contacts I created both ways are now related to this account.


Evan Frey  01:51

That thanks for watching today. If you found this video helpful, please give us a thumbs up remember to subscribe to our channel for Salesforce related tips and tricks. Again, we are Cloud Adoption Solutions. Please reach out to us for any of your Salesforce needs. We’re always happy to help, thanks!





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