Salesforce Default to Setup: CAS Come and See Video

Salesforce Default to Setup: CAS Come and See Video

As a Salesforce admin, what would you like to see when you open your Salesforce org? Wouldn’t it be great to default to the Setup menu? Well, you can, and Jarret shows you how!

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Jarret Fawcett  00:10

Hey guys, it’s Jarrett from Cloud Adoption Solutions. And today I have a quick tip for any administrator going to their org. Do you want to log in and you don’t want to see your disappointing, just kidding. quarterly performance dashboard.


Jarret Fawcett  00:30

You can go straight to the setup page every time you log in. By clicking your avatar at the top right, click Settings. Then we want to go to display and layout customize my pages and then right here, this little checkbox makes setup my default landing page. Hit save.


Jarret Fawcett  00:53

Now every time you log in, you will be directed to the setup menu.


Jarret Fawcett  01:00





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