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Salesforce and New Brand Partner and Advisor Matthew McConaughey Debut #TeamEarth Campaign, a Rallying Cry to Build a Better Future Together

In an era of companies confusing the public with their notions of a future while damaging the workforce, Salesforce has launched what some are taking as a bold stance and somewhat of a shot at the billionaires of today.

With the news seeming bleak and the growing fears of climate change and natural disasters, Salesforce has made its’ stance clear; they are firmly on the side of Team Earth. This comes as Salesforce also announces their initiative to make environmental concerns a core value.

This was a breath of fresh air for a lot of people who have grown tired of companies’ stances and general disregard for getting involved. In these larger than life commercials aired during both the Olympics and the Super Bowl, Salesforce announces itself to the world! 

Where will this huge marketing campaign take us? What will these new team Earth initiatives be? We are so excited to find out!  To read more about this, click here. To join the movement, use #teamearth on social media!

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User Adoption Research: Details from my PhD Research

User Adoption of CRM Systems is Driven by Good Practice

You loved these last month, so here are more direct quotes from the qualitative interviews I completed as part of my research – I bet you can relate to many of them!  I also list here the “Open Code” I assigned to each one in order to build my research findings.

  • You know, on a human level, it’s so important for somebody to have their name spelled correctly. From a data entry level. It’s amazing to have something that’s reliable because the user has generated it. Data hygiene 
  • We also use our CRM software, which happens to be Salesforce, to collect all of our photos and our quotes too, from the project. So again, it’s all streamlined. It’s all in one place, which is important. Aligning – better organizing – various activities
  • Sometimes you lose emails, or you can’t find them in folders. And it’s really easy to say, I know it was to this person, let me go and look that up in Salesforce. So that’s all tracked and logged, which is nice. Everybody’s on it, it’s a requirement. Tracking internal processes

If you want even more info on this critical research, I have a journey built that you can follow if you click here. Or, shoot me a message to have us help you develop your adoption strategy.  – Shannon 


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Salesforce: CAS Come and See Videos

CAS Come and See Video

Did you know that you can provide “guidance for success” for your users on both standard and custom Salesforce objects? Well, you can, and it will drive user adoption! Join Cory from Cloud Adoption Solutions as he shows you how!

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Q:  WHY does Salesforce have two CEOs?

A: We usually get specific Salesforce questions but this one stood out as a fun one to answer.  Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff likes the idea of dividing and conquering as CEO – and this is the second time Salesforce has had a second CEO.  Bret Taylor splits the role with Benioff but does still report to him.  It feels like a very equitable way to run a huge company, especially one with so many other priorities for humankind!

There was a second CEO previously as well, Keith Block.  Tech News covers additional details.

If you have specific questions about Salesforce, let us know – we’re happy to lend a hand.  Hit “reply” to this email and we’ll jump on a Zoom!

– Shannon

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  • STREAMING:  Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson explores the intersection of music and technology, deftly covering topics like auto-tune, reverb, and distortion.  If you’re into both technology and music, you cannot miss this fun and short series (with some awesome surprise guests, too!).
  • LISTEN: The “Are You Ready for a Fresh Start?” episode of Freakonomics tackles one of our favorite Salesforce and sales tech topics: change management.
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  • Salesforce is retiring several API versions.  API versions 7.0-20.0 were retired in Summer ’21 and will be unavailable by the end of Summer ’22. Additionally, versions 21.0-30.0 will be retired in Summer ’22 and unavailable by Summer ’23, and you will experience disruptions on these versions prior to retirement.  We would like to be proactive and ensure that you are receiving no disruptions in your Salesforce service due to retiring APIs – if you would like us to evaluate your org and give you a rapid estimate, let us know!

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