Salesforce: Permission Set Changes: CAS Come and See Video

Salesforce: Permission Set Changes: CAS Come and See Video

Changes are coming to permission sets in Salesforce with the winter 2024 release – are you ready for it? (Did you just sing that in your best Taylor Swift voice? Okay, anyway…) Join Malik from Cloud Adoption Solutions as he takes you through the things you should know about permission set changes!

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Malik Satia
Hey everybody, this is Malik with cloud adoption solutions. And today we’re gonna go over some changes that are coming to permission sets in Salesforce with the winter 2024 release. So the first change we’re going to look at is, now with the 2024 release, you can actually report on permission sets, meaning you can see which we’re missing, which permission sets are assigned to which users and, you know, have a better visibility into what users have access to through which parameter sets. So first thing to do. So you can be able to report on permission sets, you need to create a custom report type. So you would select the object that you’re going to be reporting on, which would be permission set assignments. And then I’m just going to name this permissions, this description we’re gonna put permissions.

and then we’re going to leave it in the other report types category. I’m going to deploy this because I’m in my dev org. But if you’re in your production org, you should probably leave this environment until it’s ready to be live for specific users. Or you can just leave it in development for system administrators to use alone. So since the objects that the object that we’re reporting on as permissions to assignments, you can’t relate it to any other objects is kind of like we’re reporting on a junction object between users and permission sets. So we’re gonna go ahead and save the report type. And if we look at the edit layout, we can see the fields that are available for us. And we really only have these four fields, which is, which are the permission sets the permission set as in like the permission set name, the ID of the permission, set the user. And if the permission is in a permission set group, it’ll tell us here to so we now we’re going to go to Reports.

And then run a report on the permission sets that are assigned to users in our org. So we’ll go ahead and create a new report. Go down to other reports, permissions, this is the report type that we just made. And start report. And then now you can start adding the fields to the report. Within do slight name, and ID and then also group by the user name. Then we’re going to go ahead and save and run permission sets.

All right. So now we can see my user has some permission sets that I created assigned to me and this dummy user has permission sets also that are assigned to them. And if we go ahead and click on the permission set, it will actually take us to the permissions set in setup so we can see what it looks like and if we want to make any changes to it, we can do that from here. Now another change that is coming to permission sets is the I guess how it’s visualized. So in how it visualizes what access is given in the permission set and if you click on this View Summary button, it will show you what the permission set is assignment is assigning to users that are assigned to it is giving us access to so on this permission set titled delete accounts. We are giving permission to the Read, Edit, and Delete on the contact. So not a really great named permission said that I made here. And so this is just a better visual visual for administrators to use when they want to know what specifically is in a permission set or what permission set groups permission set is a part of. And other things that the permission set gives users access to. So this is a great view to use. And if we go back to the original view, we can go to options settings.

And we see here that contexts we are giving Read, Edit, Delete, just that it says just as it said, on that other screen before. Thanks for watching today. If you found this video helpful, please give us a thumbs up and remember to subscribe to our channel for more Salesforce tips and tricks. We are cloud adoption solutions, please feel free to reach out to us for any of your Salesforce needs.

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