Salesforce Release Updates: you may have previously known them as critical updates, but they’re now called release updates. Join Natalie, Head of Operations & Client Delivery at Cloud Adoption Solutions, as she shows you where you can now find release updates in your setup menu and how to see if they are upcoming or overdue.

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Natalie Battista 0:15
Hi, guys, this is Natalie with Cloud Adoption Solutions. And today I’m here with a quick tip for all you admins out there related to critical updates or release updates, you may know them interchangeably in that manner. This is one of those monthly admin tasks that it’s a necessity to do when not everybody likes to do it. But it’s just something that will keep your org running, smooth and clear. So go to your setup menu, and type in the word critical, I just want to show you where this used to be. So if you type in critical updates, it takes you to a little note that says critical updates are now called release updates. So if you were used to going into your setup menu and clicking on the critical update list, in that side panel, there’s a new location for it. If you click release updates, it will take you right to where you need to go. Or if you just head back to your search menu, release updates are right up front. So clicking on your release updates. This takes you to a section where it will tell you what items need action right away.

So you’ll see on my screen, I have some things that are due by July, some by September. If you click on the due soon tab, it’ll give you an idea of what is definitely due maybe possibly this month that you’re in. If you click on the overdue tab, it’ll show you everything that’s been outdated. And archived will show you everything that has been archived end of life, things that were enforced a couple releases ago. So typically, what you want to do first is go into your sandbox environment, and run through any of these release updates, just to make sure that they don’t affect your day to day process. After you go through the steps in your sandbox environment, just run through those same steps in production. And that way you’ll be free and clear of you know, making sure that any of the security updates that Salesforce puts through aren’t going to impact your your day to day. So if you guys have any questions, just please reach out to us at Cloud Adoption Solutions. We are always happy to help; thanks!

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