Salesforce Trailblazers We Love: Chrystalin Mascaro

Salesforce Trailblazers We Love: Chrystalin Mascaro

The Salesforce Ohana is truly something special, isn’t it? Join us as we introduce you to some of our favorite trailblazers. Next up, wicked smart, thoughtful, and action-oriented Chrystalin Mascaro shares how she got her start in the Salesforce ecosystem, her favorite Salesforce resources, the best-kept Salesforce secret, her Salesforce prediction, and more!

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Andrew Duncan 00:16
Hello, thank you so much for coming and joining us today. My name is Andrew Duncan with Cloud Adoption Solutions. And I’m here with another installment of Trailblazers we love today, we have the amazing Chrystalin Popp, she is one of our most valued members on the team at Cloud Adoption Solutions. And I’m so excited to have her here today. Thank you so much Chrystalin.

Chrystalin Mascaro 00:34
Thanks for having me, Andrew. For those

Andrew Duncan 00:37
who might not know, you Chrystalin, could you give us a quick snapshot as to what you do at cloud adoption solutions.

Chrystalin Mascaro 00:42
So I am on the delivery team, and I am a Salesforce administrator. I work with a variety of clients and many different industries help and help them helping them understand their Salesforce org, a bit better optimizing their functions with automation. And I suppose in the main person that provides documentation as well for users and training. Yeah,

Andrew Duncan 01:07
well, thank you so much for being here. I’m so excited to hear what you have to say about, you know, some of the Salesforce questions that we have for you. So I think we should start at the beginning. Like what kicked off your Salesforce journey. I know you have one of those amazing, you know, stories of coming into becoming a Salesforce admin. So could you give us a snapshot of what that was like?

Chrystalin Mascaro 01:27
Absolutely. So like many people, I never planned on getting into Salesforce, complete accident. So I was a user and a couple of different roles that I had, before I went into the events industry. I was a director of events at a business to business company, when all of a sudden COVID hit. And during the play times, no one really wants run events. So that came to a standstill, unfortunately, my department was laid off. And I had to come to a decision with what I wanted to do with my career with these interesting times, so my husband’s actually a Salesforce architect. And I had on and off and going on to Salesforce is wonderful free learning platform trailhead, and I had already started earning points and badges and died, you know, occasionally started going back to that. And he asked me, Well, you already have a lot of points, you’re halfway on your way to becoming a ranger, which is a rank there. Why don’t you just do Salesforce said, You know what, that’s not a terrible idea. So I started learning more, I got my certification. I was very fortunate to be accepted into the sales force, Talent Alliance fellowship program. And then I was hired by this wonderful company. And you guys made me a permanent team member, which I’ve been very happy about. So thanks for that.

Andrew Duncan 02:55
Yeah, of course, and shout out to the Salesforce Talent Alliance. It’s a wonderful program. They produce obviously some really incredible Salesforce talent. So you have we’re so happy that we found you there and to have you on the team. And that’s it’s a great story. So glad to share that you were able to share with everybody. Okay, so as someone who you know, was brought into Salesforce, and did your training on your own and like really like God after learning how to use Salesforce like what is to you like the best place to go for Salesforce learning? Like, what’s that resource that you are turning to to learn more about Salesforce?

Chrystalin Mascaro 03:26
So Trailhead is definitely number one. Salesforce is pretty fantastic. It’s not only free, which was great. While I was between jobs, I’m sure everyone can appreciate not having to pay sometimes exorbitant fees some of the software training programs have. And specifically for testing focus on force was excellent. Their practice tests are invaluable. And the Trailblazer community honestly has been great. If there was anything I couldn’t figure out, or any issues I ran into, even with a vague, not very great explanation for me, as I was, you know, easing into the ecosystem and learning more technical jargon. Everyone was really great about helping me out at least pointing me in the right direction to find the resources I needed to solve the issue. Yeah, that’s

Andrew Duncan 04:23
what it’s all about. That community is incredible and trailblaze they had the trailhead and trailblazing stuff is it’s really the, you know, the best in the world. And it is free, which is even better. I think anybody can appreciate. Yeah. So as you know, someone who is like really plugged into that community, really, you know, understands, you know, what, Salesforce is all about, you know, what is for you like a prediction about the Salesforce future. I know that. You know, it’s kind of hard to say, hey, what’s the future going to look like? It’s changing so quickly and so often, but could you give me me Have you have little guests into what you think might be coming for Salesforce?

Chrystalin Mascaro 05:04
Um, well, in general, I really think that Salesforce is only going to become more and more relevant more businesses, especially with COVID. Everyone has pivoted very rapidly to make everything digital and online and accessible to people in a way that they’ve never had to do before. So I think that that’s only going to continue to expand. There’s a lot of opportunity here already in this ecosystem. And I think that’s only going to continue to be on the rise. Certainly, I think that there is going to be some interesting updates coming with some of the releases where they’re changing some of their main features around which I’m excited to help our clients navigate for sure. So I guess those would be my predictions a little vague, like you said, it’s a bit it’s been predictable. You never know what the future is going to hold. I mean, certainly no one saw COVID Coming and the, you know, rapid explosive, you know, growth that’s happened in the last couple years.

Andrew Duncan 06:06
Yeah, absolutely. It’s been incredible. And it’s going to be really crazy to see what the next couple years holds. So I guess, what’s another? I haven’t I do have another question for you. What’s another like Salesforce secret, I know that you’re in users orgs all day long, making changes and customizing and developing. So what’s something that you’re seeing out there and you’re like, Oh, my God, more people need to know about this. It’s it’s such a secret.

Chrystalin Mascaro 06:31
There’s so many great things about Salesforce, it’s a bit difficult to choose, I would say one thing is just the power of list views and the Kanban board views. Like the ability to really easily see what your leads are, you know, what your contacts are what you know, what stage your different records are in is very important. And it’s a nice added glance view that people can manipulate and just drag and drop very easily. So I know a lot of people know about that view, when they’re looking at the normal list view. So I think that’s a really good resource to utilize. Otherwise, I think just really the power of Salesforce and its ability to greatly impact your reporting metrics. I don’t think people really utilize it to its fullest extent, there’s definitely been a lot of additions to fields and automation, I’ve been adding for clients so that they can keep track of their metrics better. And that’s been really exciting for both me and for them.

Andrew Duncan 07:37
Yeah, absolutely. And I think a really good way to stay on top of those different new things that are coming out. And some of those new features is to follow us here on YouTube. We do a lot of videos on different ways to get the most out of your Salesforce. So right there, Crystal Lynn, she knows exactly what you need. So definitely give us a call to if you have any problems. But Crystal and I know that you are a person of many talents, you have a lot of interests outside of Salesforce as well. So could you give us like one thing that you’re really into right now that maybe somebody else out there might also be into or might want to try it outside of Salesforce?

Chrystalin Mascaro 08:14
Sure. Um, well, now the things around COVID are relaxing a bit more. I’ve actually been venturing outside of my house again, which is a nice change. Yeah, I am an avid gamer. And both video games and board games tabletop. I love it all. And I’ve lost my husband to Eldon ring. I’m sure many are familiar with that release very many. So I just don’t expect to hear from him for three hours after work. He is lost to that world. Very fun game, I highly recommend he loves it. But Kickstarter was my guilty pleasure over COVID. So I’m really excited to try all of these new games that are slowly filtering in. I recommend Soboba tahj that was my most recent fun game where I like bubble tea. It’s one of my favorite drinks. And for this little card game, if you’ve ever played Sushi Go where you have to collect like little sets of you know, sushi. It’s kind of similar. You play the part of a tea shop owner and you’re trying to get a certain help sets with different cards and you completely sabotage the other person. It’s just be the husband right now. So we’re really excited to get other people involved so that we’re not just completely sabotaging each other every day. Yeah,

Andrew Duncan 09:48
that sounds really fun. We’ll have to play that on our company retreat coming up. We’ll have to make you the games master should be fun.

Chrystalin Mascaro 09:54
Oh no, I’m not sure you want that you’ll have way too many games you will even get yourself

Andrew Duncan 09:59
up Thank you so much. You know, I know that you’re super busy. So I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to meet with me and for our viewers to hear more from you. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to put crystal in social media in the description here so you guys can connect with her on LinkedIn. See what she’s up to. I planted option solutions. And we’re just really thankful to have you onboard. Crystal. Thank you so much.

Chrystalin Mascaro 10:22
Thank you. I’m so happy to be here. And I look forward to making some new connections. hopefully sometime soon.

Andrew Duncan 10:27
It’ll be great. Well, thank you so much, everybody for watching. Once again, my name is Andrew with cloud adoption solutions, a 100%. Women own Salesforce partner. We are very eager to speak with anyone who does have Salesforce questions or needs or just wants to connect with us and see more about Salesforce. So give us a call or an email. All of our information will be in the description. So thank you so much. Have a great day.


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