Salesforce Trailblazers We Love: Jarret Fawcett

The Salesforce Ohana is truly something special, isn’t it? Join us as we introduce you to some of our favorite trailblazers. First up, thoughtful, fun, and process-focused Jarret Fawcett shares how he got his start in the Salesforce ecosystem, his favorite Salesforce resources, the best-kept Salesforce secret, his Salesforce prediction, and more!

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Shannon Gregg 0:16
Hello, and welcome back to the trailblazers we love series. Today I am really excited to talk to one of my favorite Trailblazers Jarret Fawcett. Jared, thank you so much for being with us today.

Jarret Fawcett 0:28
Yeah, it’s pleasure to be here. Yay.

Shannon Gregg 0:31
So I’m going to ask you a couple of questions. And the first one I want to know is how did you get started in the Salesforce ecosystem,

Jarret Fawcett 0:38
um, a friend of mine introduced me to it in 2018. And I was kind of looking for another job than my previous career. And I started on Trailhead a little bit. And then, you know, kind of tapered off for a while and then went to tech elevator in, got a cert in full stack development. And then a friend of mine, referred me for a job for a great company. And it took me four days to go from 8900 points to arranger, just because I was so excited about it and working in that ecosystem.

Shannon Gregg 1:22
It’s so cool. It’s such a cool story. And I think one of the favorite Trailblazer stories is somebody who’s read careered. And so, you know, knowing that that’s what you’ve done is is fascinating and exciting. And I think you talked a little bit about trailhead, and I know that’s one of your favorite Salesforce resources. But do you have any other favorite Salesforce resources?

Jarret Fawcett 1:43
Oh, yeah, definitely. Apex ours is something I’ve watched endlessly. And also Salesforce, Ben, because Salesforce Ben is always on top of it.

Shannon Gregg 1:56
Those are really good resources. And I personally have never been to an apex hour. So I’ll make sure that we get that link from you so that we can put it in the show notes. And Salesforce, Ben, you’re right. Anything you need to know you can definitely source on Salesforce spend. So what do you think the most underrated Salesforce product is? Or the best kept Salesforce secret?

Jarret Fawcett 2:17
Oh, no, I think the most I think one that’s under use to really is the live chat. You know, there’s a lot of alternatives for it. But I think like if you’re using Salesforce Service Cloud, you should be using their live chat.

Shannon Gregg 2:37
Salesforce live chat is I agree with you. I do think it’s under resourced, underrepresented, I mean, and people should keep thinking about how can they take all of their performances, all of their technology and put it in one place. And that’s one of the things that I think is so great about Salesforce. And I don’t think that I would have been able to predict when I started working on Salesforce, all of the great things that Salesforce has been able to tie in so that the platform really runs the gamut. But I’m gonna put you on the spot and ask you to make a Salesforce prediction.

Jarret Fawcett 3:11
Oh, man. All right. I think they’re gonna retire visual force. I think they’re gonna force lightning web components.

Shannon Gregg 3:24
That could be that’s interesting. We’re gonna we’re gonna want to write all these predictions down so we can see which ones come true. That’s awesome. Well, we want to know more about you personally to not just Salesforce, Jared. But tell me what else do you like? I would love to hear a recommendation for a book or a podcast or a cooking show. Something that you love is not related to Salesforce.

Jarret Fawcett 3:48
That’s, that’s awesome. Recommendation is to adopt. Don’t shop.

Shannon Gregg 3:55
Oh, that’s so awesome. Tell us about your pet.

Jarret Fawcett 3:59
She’s hiding right now. Her name is gizmo. She’s a very fluffy cat.

Shannon Gregg 4:04
I think pets were one of the best things about the pandemic. You know, it was like, people were home and they’re like, I want I would like to have something else living in my house. And so one of the best things that happened was watching all of the Pet Adoption places say like, we’re actually fresh out, you know, every pet has been adopted. That’s awesome. Well, Jared, tell everybody where they can find you. How can people connect with you?

Jarret Fawcett 4:29
Oh, man, you can find me on LinkedIn. I guess you could just email me.

Shannon Gregg 4:36
That is awesome. Thank you so much for joining us today. Jared. It was amazing to connect with a trailblazer that we love.

Jarret Fawcett 4:42
Thanks for having me, Shannon.


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