Salesforce Trailblazers We Love: Jeanne Moeller

Salesforce Trailblazers We Love: Jeanne Moeller

The Salesforce Ohana is truly something special, isn’t it? Join us as we introduce you to some of our favorite trailblazers. Next up, kind, ambitious, and multi-faceted Jeanne Moeller shares how she got her start in the Salesforce ecosystem, her favorite Salesforce resources, the best-kept Salesforce secret, her Salesforce prediction, and more!

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Andrew Duncan 00:16
Hello, thank you so much, everybody for joining us today. My name is Andrew Duncan with Cloud Adoption Solutions. And this is another installment of Trailblazers we love today we have the one and only Jeanne Moeller with us. Jean, thank you so much for being here and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jeanne Moeller 00:32
Oh, my pleasure. Thank you for thinking of me as one of your favorite trailblazers. I am Jeanne Moeller. And I am currently a business analyst with Simplus, I have been in the Salesforce community for about five years now. And I love it. I just I think it’s cloud adoptions. I, you were one of the first little not little of God shut up to you. You were one of the first companies that I that kind of took me under my your wing, and helped me navigate through the community and the ecosystem. And I’m happy to be here.

Andrew Duncan 01:12
Yeah, thank you so much. And little is totally fine. Because we were such a little shop. And in so many ways we still are we dream big, we think big but a little is a totally fine way to describe it. That makes perfect sense to me. It was just we had chatted at one point. So So I guess if we’re gonna start from beginnings and start from, you know, a little place, you know, how did you get your start in the Salesforce ecosystem? Like what was it like to join and begin new.

Jeanne Moeller 01:36
I had been in curriculum and development for multiple years, and I was getting bored. I need to be constantly learning new things. Yeah, and not short learns, but really dig my feet into it. And I knew I wanted to look into technology because it’s constantly growing. And I started looking at Microsoft and some of the other websites and tools, but they were all really expensive to learn and the classes. I stumbled upon trailhead, and that was it. I started with trailhead, I connected with a couple people in the community. And then I learned about Salesforce. So I kind of did everything backwards, which is pretty much on par for my life. I kind of do everything the opposite way of everybody else. But yeah, I got my first certification and does networking.

Andrew Duncan 02:31
It’s amazing. Yeah, and Salesforce. We love that mission of, you know, approachability, and the way that they say hey, we want everybody to have access to this and to be able to change their career and look at Salesforce. I know that’s how a lot of the people internally a cloud adoption solutions kind of fell into Salesforce. So it’s it’s a wonderful way to start. It’s a great journey. So I guess while we’re on the topic of like Salesforce resources, and you know, like getting involved in the curriculums and the trailhead community, like what’s what’s your favorite resource? Like? What’s that Salesforce tool and resource that you’re always going back to the Learn More?

Jeanne Moeller 03:07
Um, other than my network, because even though I’m a wicked introvert, I have amassed a wonderful I call them my ohana cheerleaders. Yeah. And there is such a wide variety of skills and knowledge and experience. So that’s my first go to, but other than that, I hate to say this, but Google is my friend. Sure. And I love the Salesforce YouTubes and the videos because that’s how I learned. Yeah, I want to watch somebody do it. I want to do it along with me. Yeah, it’s either that or the documentation, but for learning how to do something if I can’t figure it out, YouTube videos, and not just from Salesforce, there’s some other credible people out there that do videos as well.

Andrew Duncan 03:57
Yeah, I think YouTube is a wonderful place to learn it. That’s why we spend a lot of time making our YouTube videos is because in a regular day, anything that I want to learn how to do I’m looking it up on YouTube. Just it’s the best place to learn I don’t know how people learn before that I guess you you bought books. My dad told me when he was fixing up his first car he went and bought a book on like a manual and now anytime I want to do something in my car, I just look it up on YouTube. Yes, it’s a great learning tool. So I guess you know that kind of moves us into our next segment of you know, what is an underrated Salesforce product to you? Or a Best Kept Salesforce secret? I guess it doesn’t have to be a product but what’s something do you that you feel like? Man I love this and I know that people know about it.

Jeanne Moeller 04:43
Another resource I’m really big on resources because that’s what helps me because I’m the kind of person that wants to know everything. Yeah, everything and that’s just not possible. Salesforce. Um, I’m gonna say the Ohana Slack channel. Yeah, okay. Um, I Again, it’s an amazing group of people and all the different channels, nonprofits sales service, there’s always somebody around that can help answer a question or help figure out point you in the right direction. And to me, that’s a really helpful tool. Yeah. You know, I could go on about App Exchange, because there’s some phenomenal things out there. But something that not a lot of people know about, or not enough people know about is the Ohana Slack channel.

Andrew Duncan 05:28
Yeah. And collaboration is the name of the game, right? I mean, anytime you have conversations with people, it just broadens your horizons. And you never know what kind of opportunities lay out there, right. Oh, yes. Yeah. Yeah. So being plugged into the community, and being a team player and a trailblazer like yourself? Can you make a Salesforce prediction? Like? Well, it’s always so fun to kind of like, think about what the future holds Salesforce changes so rapidly, do you have a prediction for maybe what you think the future might look like for Salesforce or something that you could see coming?

Jeanne Moeller 06:00
Um, I, I have heard it’s coming. But I really think that Salesforce is going to start embracing business analysts in the Salesforce ecosystem. You know, there’s been talks about the certification, but I think it’s gonna be more than that, I think people are going to start to understand that the skills that are attributed to a business analyst can apply to anybody in any position. And I think you’re gonna see more of those foundational skills built in to more training and more courses. And I think we’re gonna have an awesome stuffed character, eventually. It’ll be but yeah. So yeah, I really, really think that they’re going to embrace business analysts specifically for the Salesforce system.

Andrew Duncan 06:56
That’s great. And that’s, that’s also a unique take that we haven’t heard yet. So that’s, you know, not a prediction of, oh, I think they’re going to acquire a bunch of people, or I think, you know, this might happen, like, that’s a very unique take in something that would be awesome, because, you know, business analysts do have such a huge amount of talent. And there’s such a talent pool out there. And ways that Salesforce could like, really, you know, push that forward. So yeah, that’d be great. And your stuffed animal character would also be great. Everybody loves those characters. It might be a bobcat or badger. I mean, really? Who knows? You know, it could be anything at this point. So that’d be really great.

Jeanne Moeller 07:29
Yeah, yep. So yeah, that’s definitely and I you know, I love the the role of business analyst. Yeah. And I know, we’ve got some really good companies behind this push. Yeah. So yeah, that’s my prediction.

Andrew Duncan 07:43
That sounds great. So last, last thing, to wrap it up, give us a thing that you’re into right now. So it could be a podcast, music, a TV show, movie, whatever you’re into right now, that doesn’t have to do with Salesforce, let the people know, and maybe someone out there will have a common interest?

Jeanne Moeller 08:00
Um, well, this was a tough one. Because, you know, I was like, Well, that one’s kind of lame. Maybe I should do something that sounds more impressive and more intelligent. So I was like, Well, I’m going to do both. I have had the the privilege of traveling to South Africa and Africa and go on Safaris. To me, it’s for wildlife. And so there is a a company that does virtual Wildlife Safari Tours twice a day. And it’s called Wild Earth. And it’s rather addicting. That is, so that that is my pleasurable one. And then to sound intelligent, and actually investing in myself. And I don’t know if this is gonna be backwards, but someone had recommended this book to me trust yourself. Oh, great. Yeah. Um, and it’s for imposters, introverts that are constantly doubting ourselves. Sure. And it’s I’ve only started working on it. It says stop overthinking and channel your emotions for success at work. And but it’s a really nice book, because it gives you questions and checkboxes and things to do and things to think about. It’s not just solid reading. Yeah. And I’d like I said, I’ve just started it. I love it. I really think it’s going to help me. Yeah, about myself. And you know, I can always apply that to my career.

Andrew Duncan 09:23
Yeah, well, the first one was really cool. I think a virtual Safari sounds wonderful. So we’ll put a link to that in the in the bottom of the screen. I’ll send it to you. Yeah, please do. And then additionally, I think, you know, we’ll also put a link to that book because I think a lot of people do deal with overthinking and levels of anxiety and emotions in the workplace. And it wasn’t until I feel like very recently that people started taking emotions and, and things like that in the workplace a little bit more seriously and started caring and looking for ways to not only better yourself, but better understand others and be more empathetic as well. So that sounds wonderful. I’ll have to give that to try as well, because it sounds like a really helpful book. So thank you for, you know, opening up and being and being honest and sharing with us.

Jeanne Moeller 10:06
Oh, I have no problem talking about being an impostor or my introverts. I’m a very sensitive person. And so that’s what this book talks about is I’m just a very emotional person. Yeah. And and and that’s not a bad thing.

Andrew Duncan 10:21
No, it’s not at all. And,

Jeanne Moeller 10:22
you know, like you said, and I’m glad you mentioned that, that it is becoming more of a norm to talk about.

Andrew Duncan 10:27
Yeah, it really is. And clients do really appreciate sensitivity and empathy too, as well. So it definitely, you know, works out in other ways, too. Yeah. Yeah. Well, thank you so much for being here today. I really appreciate it. We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well over the past couple years. And it’s always it’s always great to catch up and talk to you. What we’ll do is real quick, give us a quick elevator pitch. What you have going on in the future for people to talk about, you know, we’ll put the links to your social media in the description. But what do you have going on? What’s coming up in the next couple of months? For G Moeller?

Jeanne Moeller 10:59
Um, well, actually, there’s a four part blog series being put out by awesome admins. And I get to tell a little bit about my story a little bit more than what you heard here. Some of the trials and tribulations of getting a job in the ecosystem. I am not one of those overnight wonders. Yeah. You know, and so I addressed what I went through being off work trying to network, the the mental health being coming stronger. Other than that, I hope to be attending northeast streaming in April. And that is mid Midwest streaming. Sorry, Eric, Midwest streaming and witness success in July. And other than that, just hanging out and helping others and being a business analyst.

Andrew Duncan 11:45
Great. That’s perfect. Thank you so much. We’ll put descriptions for everything that you just mentioned in the bio, and hopefully someone reaches out and they see you at either northeast or Midwest, dreamin, Eric is another person that we’ve had on this segment as well. So he’ll be happy to see you there. But yeah, thank you so much for being here. As always, you know, we really appreciate having a conversation with you. So, once again, thank you so much for watching. I’m Angie with credit option solutions, a 100%. Women own Salesforce partner. If you do have Salesforce questions, please do reach out to us. We’ll have our links in the bio and you can go ahead and reach out to us if you do have Salesforce questions. If you have questions for Jeanne, please do reach out to her on her social media. I know she’s always around to help answer questions if you have them. So it’s been another great episode and installment of Trailblazers we love thank you so much for being here and have a great day. Thank you so much.


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