Salesforce Trailblazers We Love: Malik Satia

Salesforce Trailblazers We Love: Malik Satia

The Salesforce Ohana is truly something special, isn’t it? Join us as we introduce you to some of our favorite trailblazers. Today we introduce music-loving, inquisitive, and thoughtful Malik Satia, who shares how he got his start in the Salesforce ecosystem, his favorite Salesforce resources, the best-kept Salesforce secret, his Salesforce prediction, and more!

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Andrew Duncan 0:16

Hello, everybody. Thank you so much for joining us today. I am here with another installment of Trailblazers we love today with a really awesome candidate and a great guy. Malik, thank you so much for being here.


Malik Satia 0:28

Andrew, thank you for having me. Nice to see you.


Andrew Duncan 0:31

Really, really excited to have you here. Malik is on our internal administrative team at Cloud Adoption Solutions. He’s a super qualified Salesforce expert. So we’re just super pumped to have him here today. Malik I guess we’ll just like jump right into things. You know, I know a little bit about it. But tell me how you got your start. And like the Salesforce ecosystem, what brought you to this moment in time?


Malik Satia 0:52

Yeah, so I feel like my Salesforce journey was an interesting one. I was actually trying to get started in UX design. And then my girlfriend like saw some articles about Salesforce. And she was like, maybe you would like that. And I like everybody sort of researched what is Salesforce because they didn’t have a clue. Never heard of it. Yeah. And then got into trailhead, like most people to like get my feet wet. And then you find a bunch of websites and blogs like Reddit, the Salesforce subreddit, Salesforce Ben and whatnot, people teaching you and helping you along the way your Salesforce journey then got certified and do some volunteering, and I’m here.


Andrew Duncan 1:34

Yeah, yeah, it’s awesome. I, I love how you really have like a self taught journey, using like, resources that are just like out in the world. It’s, it’s really, really cool. It’s, it’s a it’s a unique position to be in. So yeah, we’re so we’re so happy that you find your way to us. So like, you know, as someone who’s self taught, and like, you know, had to go through kind of like all that training and like learning on your own. What would you say is like the most like your favorite Salesforce resource resource? Like what’s the most like helpful resource that you could like suggest to somebody else?


Malik Satia 2:07

Um, that’s, I feel like that’s, there’s two ways I can go with the answer. I really like using I just like being on the Salesforce subreddit because you get to see a lot of like, people who are going through their journeys as well and like talking about their frustrations and struggles and achievements and when not as like gives you like a form of camaraderie with them. I also like using Salesforce Ben has a great articles and teaching you a lot of stuff that you probably don’t know you are like just refreshing your knowledge on stuff that you haven’t used in a while. Yeah, those are probably my two main sources of like resources that I use.


Andrew Duncan 2:51

Yeah. Salesforce Ben is awesome. Always pumping out content. And subreddit is really interesting, that’s for sure. I’m definitely a member of the of the Salesforce subreddit group. It’s really cool a lot of people on there too, which is crazy. So what do you think is like as an expert now and someone who’s been like working in Salesforce and you have a lot of clients and I know you’re helping them like daily improve their org What do you is like the best kept Salesforce secret? Like what’s a product or like underrated like Salesforce instance that you just feel like okay, everyone needs to know about this.


Malik Satia 3:24

Um, I think I think from what I’ve seen, that’s underutilized would probably be homescreens for specific users or specific roles. Sure, you can get your users really motivated or like you know organized to like directly a task and so they know what they’re doing when they’re logging on to Salesforce as soon as they you know log in and they see what’s on the what’s on their like to do list for today or what they added really helps them like organize their mind and to like focus on what they should be doing. And that’s something I don’t see as often when I’m using I’m logging is logging in as another user that I don’t see that as often I just see you know, the generic come Salesforce home screen, right yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


Andrew Duncan 4:20

I think that’s an awesome answer. And like I think having a place to go when you first start the day and like you first enter Salesforce is like such a good idea. Yeah. Yeah, really cool. Um, so like, Alright, you’re really plugged into like the Salesforce community. You’re part of like a lot of groups. You’ve like you know, been all now you’re like, you know, a Salesforce expert. And you were like, you know, someone who’s like learning the ecosystem. So what is like a social prediction you might have like, what is there like something in Salesforce that you think like might be the future or that a lot of your clients are like starting to move towards?


Malik Satia 4:58

That’s interesting. Question I think, just from like, looking at what Salesforce has done, like in the past couple of years, and like them acquiring, you know, Tableau and slack, we also often seems like they’re picking up, you know, other companies and like adding more to their rapid like, repertoire and like giving their users and people who want to, like use Salesforce more options than just like what they’ve had in the past. So I see them acquiring probably like, somebody to compete compete with, like, video conference software, like zoom something. Yeah. Like, you know, keep users using their software for like video conferences and video calls and stuff like that. That’d be cool to see.


Andrew Duncan 5:47

Yeah, that will be cool to see, I’m sure there’s something out there, I bet they already have, you know, an idea of what they want to do next. But that’s that’s cool prediction, that’s something we haven’t heard yet. And is definitely interesting would be like a really cool add to like the Salesforce like catalog. So, um, so like, I know that you’re like a guy who like has personal hobbies, you know, I know you’d like to read and you know, you’re kind of plugged into pop culture. So like, be like, is there like a book or podcast or something that you’re really into right now that you think like other people should check out. And like, maybe get to know you better from


Malik Satia 6:23

you know, I could give you a whole list, but I’ll probably keep it down to like, two. I just finished the book called foundry side. It’s really interesting, magic system where the people use the magic to like, code inanimate objects to believe something that they’re not. So you can, you can like write a script on a door that it shouldn’t open for anybody else, unless they give this secret phrase on with this secret handshake to the doorknob or something like that. Or they can tell with an arrow that gravity is up and not down so that the arrow will fly lighter than it should. And like really interesting weight and stuff like that. So that was an interesting book to see how the magic in that book works. Yeah, that’s probably I would definitely recommend everybody check that out. Nice, nice. Yeah.


Andrew Duncan 7:19

Well, we’ll put a link to the book in the bio, so that everyone can go check it out. Malik like I really appreciate your time. I know you’re like super busy guy. I know because you know, we work together. So I know that you’re you know always doing stuff and helping our clients out. But I’d like to say like to anybody out there who has Salesforce questions like Malik is an excellent resource. So we’re going to include his social media for LinkedIn like down below, so that you can connect with him and ask him questions if you have it. If you do have Salesforce needs or questions like please feel free to reach out to us at cloud adoption solutions. We have experts like Malik who are prepared to always help you always, you know, push you along into the future and and bring new products to your attention and customize and develop your Salesforce. So Malik, thank you so much for being here. I think the viewers are really going to enjoy this conversation and I just hope you have a good rest of your day and everybody else who was watching have a great day as well.


Malik Satia 8:10

Thanks, Andrew. Thank you for having me. Appreciate it.


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