Salesforce User Adoption: The “P” in ADOPT

After the initial technology implementation, it may be expected that users will love and adopt your tech more and more as they become immersed in the features and benefits that technology brings to them.  Right?

Well, do you remember the basics of inertia from your physics class? Objects resist change to their velocity, and without continued press for progress, your technology users are those objects.  So, how can we get them to accelerate their adoption of our tech?

Let’s consider the fourth step in our proprietary ADOPT system for user acceptance of technology:  PROGRESS.

team progression of salesforce technology/Capability Maturity Model

Focus on the progression of your team’s learning by using characteristics of the Capability Maturity Model to drive the design, implementation, and installation of your new technology.  When you launch a new technology, or the application owner has been absent and the tech has gone latent, your team will start out at level 1, with unpredictable and poorly controlled processes.  You should focus on pushing them through to level 5 in steps, where the technology and processes are built for the people who use it.  Humans do not react well to “big bang” types of changes, so be sure to factor in change management approaches to ensure true adoption of your technology.  As their progress improves, call them out in positive ways – even grownups love gold stars!

Looking for a quick overview of our proprietary ADOPT system to sales tech user acceptance?  Here you go!  Looking for a more detailed overview of how to implement the ADOPT system in your company?  Check this out!

Keep up the awesome focus on tech adoption and innovation!

using the Capability Maturity Model to monitor salesforce technology knowledge

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