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Salesforce Spring Release ‘23 – Here’s what’s new!

Salesforce published its annual spring release and with it announced the launch of a bevy of exciting and helpful new features and integrations! Headlining the list is the new Account Discovery Dashboard, which will use Salesforce’s Einstein AI to help teams quickly assess the health of their accounts. Users will be able to identify which of their accounts are at risk, and which have untapped upside.  

In other highly exciting news, Salesforce and Meta’s WhatsApp have announced a strategic partnership. Now SFDC users will be able to communicate with their customers directly through the messaging platform enabling them to have faster and deeper communications and 24/7 support. WhatsApp boasts a staggering 2.2 billion user base, over 70% of whom use the app on a daily basis. 

This integration will increase engagement, and customer satisfaction and convenience, making it a total win win for businesses and consumers alike. 

Other highlights include: the integration of Einstein AI with Salesforce Contact Center to provide better insights and make scheduling easier, as well as some sector-specific AI-driven goodies for the Automotive and Financial Services sectors to help them automate their processes and track their KPIs.

You can find the full release notes here!

It’s clear in 2023, AI implementation is changing the game with the potential to both facilitate business and improve the customer experience. Just be sure to alert us if you get any chat box messages asking for the whereabouts of John Conner! 

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There’s a lot of Salesforce news, and it’s hard to keep up! As always, Cloud Adoption Solutions aims to bring the best and most important Salesforce news to you so you don’t have to do all of the work. Keep following along with us and make sure to subscribe to our blog posts for more! – Andrew




Salesforce research

User Adoption Research: Details from my PhD Research

Diffusion of Innovations Theory

Qualitative research: it sounds scary, right? With quantitative research, you use assessments, you get responses, you find numbers, you draw conclusions, wipe, wipe, CLAP.

After I conducted all of my interviews about CRM user adoption, the responses had to be coded for evaluation. One of the most interesting tables was on “Suggestions for Improvement,” which, let’s be honest, we all want to have in order to make Salesforce better!

The Selective Code of “Suggestions for Improvement” had Axial Codes of:

  • Make CRM more user friendly
  • Connectivity with other systems
  • Capacity building

and then within those Axial Codes, they had Open Codes.  For example, the “Make CRM more user friendly” Axial Code had Open Codes of:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Problems in batch entries
  • Reducing number of steps
  • Understandable titles

Do I suggest you need to go this deep with your Salesforce users…? Not necessarily.  But understanding WHY they’re not adopting Salesforce, or what would make them adopt it prior to implementing an entire new system, feature, or process, will certainly aid in overall user adoption.

If you want even more info on this critical CRM user adoption research, I have a journey built that you can follow if you click here. Or, shoot me a message to have us help you develop your adoption strategy.  – Shannon





Tips on YouTube

Salesforce: CAS Come and See Videos

Salesforce Automation: CAS-Cast Webcast

Issues like clear and clean pipeline and forecasting for both opportunity management and board reporting, business development interaction and management in Salesforce, and optimizing Salesforce to allow the system to detect signals in the commercial approach can be solved by Salesforce automation.

Join Annalisa Pricener, Director of Commercial Enablement, as she shares industry-leading ways to enable your company to have a mature, automation-rich Salesforce org.

Thank you to our webinar sponsors S-Docs, Cloud Adoption Solutions, Steady State Media, Fido SEO, Elements Cloud, and CapStorm.

To watch this video, click here!

Interested in seeing more? Cloud Adoption Solutions has committed to launching videos on Youtube at a much higher rate this year, so subscribe to our channel to stay in the know! Watch as the team shows new trends, shows instructional videos, and keeps you up to date on all things Salesforce.  Subscribe to never miss a thing: we show you something new every week. – Andrew

Expert Salesforce Advice

Advice from an Expert

Send your Qs to

Q:  How can I lower overhead costs through Salesforce adoption?

A: So, no one is immune to the world economy. While certain verticals are built to weather an economic slowdown, not everyone is so lucky. Clearly, the name of the game in a downturn is automation. Eliminating overhead costs through automation is the key to improving a company’s ROI without having to improperly scale!

Salesforce is the perfect way to do this. By customizing an existing Salesforce org to be more automated, teams save time and expenses which dramatically can impact a bottom line. We even see this in our own org! Automation has allowed us to significantly cut down the time needed for Sales’ processes to increase our output. So when economic doubt strikes, turn to automation to save the day!

If you have specific questions about Salesforce, let us know – we’re happy to lend a hand.  Hit “reply” to this email and we’ll jump on a Zoom! – Shannon


Exciting News!

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Extend Your Marketing Reach

We have in-house experts on WordPress, graphic design, social media strategy and execution, and marketing automation.  We can work with you to identify and outline how to improve your marketing; contact us for a Digital Asset Analysis, a rapid snapshot of your current digital marketing efforts, along with 3-5 actionable suggestions to quickly improve your market reach.  It’s our gift to you!

Optimize Your SalesTech

All of our clients are using systems far beyond just – we provide Admin On-Call (managed services) and projects on sales, marketing, and management tech for many of our clients. Some examples of systems we currently administer are HubSpot, Pardot, JIRA, Conga, PandaDocs, FormStack, Confluence, Boomi, Calendly, Confirmed, Campaign Monitor, Insight Squared,, Zoom, Okta…but the list is at over 60 applications, so contact us if you need support!

DIY TechStack Audit

Tech stack audits can help to identify vulnerabilities, areas that need improvement or aren’t currently being addressed, unnecessary or required redundancies in tech capabilities, out-of-date applications, new and improved entries to the market, and more.  Click here for your complimentary tool to do your own assessment.



Content Corner

  • STREAMING:  One of our favorite fun podcasts is “60 Songs that Explain the 90s” and this episode runs around topics like growing up in Cleveland, neo-soul, The Roots, Mary J. Blige, D’Angelo, and Erykah Badu.  A must-listen!
  • APPS WE LOVE:  The Clean Your Room! dashboard app from SalesforceLabs shows deals that have been “pushed” multiple times, deals without recent activity and deals missing key data.
  • TRAILS WE LOVE: Learn Project Management Essentials from Walden University is a great primer on project management best practices.


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