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What’s New with Salesforce?  

Einstein Copilot: Conversational AI

Salesforce has launched its Next Generation of Einstein: bringing conversational AI to the world’s leading CRM. Copilot and Copilot Studio will be in pilot this fall.

Einstein Copilot is a new conversational AI assistant to drive productivity by assisting users with their workflows. You will be able to ask the AI questions in your native language and receive trustworthy answers powered by data.

It also offers proactive and additional actions beyond the user’s queries, like recommended actions following a sales call!

Einstein Copilot Studio enables companies to effortlessly develop templated prompts, which is particularly relevant as OpenAI just launched the ability to build custom GPT apps. It enhances various business tasks, such as accelerating sales deals, boosting customer service, and increasing user adoption. It offers reconfigurability across different consumer-facing channels like real-time chat, Slack, WhatsApp, or SMS.

Copilot and Copilot Studio work with Einstein Trust Layer, a secure architecture built into Salesforce.

Why should you care?

With 45% of executives increasing AI investments, early adopters already save 30% of employee time, drive revenue growth, cut costs, and improve customer experiences. Salesforce’s latest AI advancements transform how CRM users build and interact with business applications for higher performance and job satisfaction.



There’s a lot of Salesforce news, and it’s hard to keep up!  As always, Cloud Adoption Solutions aims to bring the best and most important Salesforce news to you so you don’t have to do all of the work. Keep following along with us and make sure to subscribe to our blog posts for more!  – Sam



User Adoption Research: Details from my PhD Research

 Studying Salesforce Academically – and then Putting it into Practice

Definitions to Support my Research on CRM User Adoption

In order to support my Research Questions, I had to define the core components. I thought you’d enjoy seeing this behind-the-scenes outline:

  • Adult Learner – those in the independent stage of life, who search to understand new concepts either formally or informally, based on personal interests or professional requirements (Merriam & Bierema, 2014)
  • Andragogy – a theory of adult learning and how adults attain education, as a clear separation of the practices of pedagogy, or education for children (Knowles, 1968)
  • Change Management – implementation of interventions for remedial action (Hayes, 2018)
  • Customer/Client Relationship Management (CRM) – high efficiency tool to manage, track, and steward customer data in an organization (Huang, 2018)
  • Diffusion of Innovations – the process in which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of a social system (Rogers, 2003)
  • Nonprofit Organizations (NPO) – human service organization, as a significantly different organization than a for-profit firm (Grattan, 2012)
  • User Adoption – a decision to make full use of an innovation as the best course of action available (Rogers, 2003)

So what does this mean for your company? When you’re adjusting your Salesforce approach, think carefully about the WIIFM for your users; tie the new integration, implementation, or process approach to their individual goals and the goals of your overall company.

If you want even more info on this critical CRM user adoption research, I have a journey built that you can follow if you click here. Or, shoot me a message to have us help you develop your adoption strategy.  – Shannon 



Tips on YouTube

Salesforce: CAS Come and See Videos

Serialize JSON Object with APEX

How do you serialize a more complex JSON object with APEX? Join Cheyenne as she gives you a nice overview on this topic. To watch this video, click here!


Interested in seeing more? Cloud Adoption Solutions has committed to launching videos on Youtube at a much higher rate this year, so subscribe to our channel to stay in the know! Watch as the team shows new trends, shows instructional videos, and keeps you up to date on all things Salesforce.  Subscribe to never miss a thing: we show you something new every week. – Andrew



Advice from an Expert

Send your Qs to

Q:  What should I do to wrap up the year in Salesforce?

A: We hear you…it’s the end of the year, the leaves are falling, and maybe it’s time to clean out the garage or that stubborn junk drawer you have in your house?

Maybe it’s time we approach Salesforce in this way too? Our best advice is to take a hard look into a few critical objects: Opportunities, Leads, and Reports!

For Opportunities, let’s make sure that everything is up to date. Have you marked those deals from the summer as closed? Are there any close dates that need to be adjusted? Making sure that Opportunities are clean and clear sets up Sales success in the new year!

Leads are the perfect place to do some cleaning and de-duping! There are numerous ways to de-dupe your system. Our advice is to have your administrator use a third party app to cleanse those duplicates and ensure leads are correctly set up! (We really have a few that we LOVE – ask anyone on Delivery about our favorites for your industry and approach.)

Lastly, take a look at those Reports! Quarter 4 is the time where reflection and evaluating wins and losses really becomes important. Ensure that before you get to this point, all reports are set up exactly how you want them run to ensure a quick and easy Q4 end of year review!

If you have specific questions about Salesforce, let us know – we’re happy to lend a hand.  Hit “reply” to this email and we’ll jump on a Zoom! – Andrew



Content Corner

  • STREAMING: Yes, you do already know how much Shannon loves “60 Songs that Explain the ’90s” but it’s especially exciting this week as the host, Rob Harvilla, releases his book of the same name.
  • BANDS WE LOVE:  Lucas is so excited to tell everyone how much he’s loving the NYC band, Geese. He saw them at a tiny venue in Pittsburgh, Bottlerocket, and recommends you listen to “I See Myself” and catch them before they blow up.
  • TRAILS WE LOVE: Everyone is talking about it – Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals is a great trail where you can learn the basics of AI and the tech behind its amazing capabilities.
  • WANT TO BE A GUEST COLUMNIST? We’d love to feature your hot take on Salesforce on our blog, YouTube channel, or both! Email us and let us know your idea!

Special Events

  • 11/15, 1 PM EST: Fine Tune your Sales Efforts: The Tech Stack for Increased Revenue, Shannon J. Gregg, Ph.D., Maximize Your Sales Efforts Week webinar
  • 11/15, 2:45 PM EST: Why My Dog Has More Followers Than Your Process! Liv Porter, S-Docs Operations Week webinar
  • 11/16, 12 PM Eastern: Partnering 2.0: Successful Partner Relationships, Harbinder Khera, webinar

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