The old Salesforce for Outlook connector is retiring in December.  You can find if you are using this one by navigating to Setup -> Outlook Configurations to see “Salesforce for Outlook.”  (This is not to be confused with the newer “Outlook Integration and Lightning Sync.”)

We have clients who use it, so I am sure that there are plenty of others saying “what do I do now?”
My answer is either Outlook Integration with or without Lightning Sync, or Einstein Activity Capture (EAC).  There is some configuration involved in regards to the Outlook panel, and layouts, if you choose to customize it.

The primary benefit for EAC is that logging emails is no longer a manual activity. Once a contact is recognized via the connection, EAC syncs 6 months of email history into a timeline activity related list in Salesforce. It will automatically log emails as activities.

Here is some information directly from Salesforce on how to move from Salesforce for Outlook to the Next Generation Products:

Andrew and Shannon had a quick chat on the topic.  Old Salesforce for Outlook users, retirement date is December 2020, so make your design/build/test/train plan now!